Amazon promises to fix Comixology after making the service nearly unusable

nearly four months later Among other services, Amazon admits the platform is worse off. The company in a copy of 11 Find .

Over the next few weeks, Amazon promises to address some of the more glaring issues that have plagued the digital comics service since integrating with the Kindle app. For example, the upcoming beta release of the Comixology web reading client will re-support double-page spreads. Additionally, Amazon said it was working to fix an issue with its store algorithm that caused the software to display results for fiction and nonfiction books when customers searched for comics, manga and graphic novels.

Amazon notes that some of these enhancements will be rolling out soon, but others have yet to set a release date. “We’ll let you know when it’s released,” the company said of a feature that allows people to filter their comics in the Kindle app. “We know there’s still a lot of work to do to improve the Comixology experience, and we’ll be sharing more initiatives soon,” the company said.

For fans, Amazon’s treatment of Comixology is especially Given that previous versions of the app are maintainable and contain many features that the company is working on adding.Unfortunately, they can’t use that software anymore because it is Shortly after it completed Kindle integration. To make matters worse, Comixology is currently the only digital service you can use to buy comics piecemeal from various publishers.

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