Amazon is reportedly interested in developing Mass Effect TV series

Amazon Studios is “close to an agreement” to develop a series based on Electronic Arts and BioWare Mass Effect Franchise, according to deadline. No details have been released yet, but Jennifer Salk, the head of Amazon Studios, told deadline It “continues to invest in various fantasy genres, and we have a genre-focused team in the studio. They work tirelessly with our creative partners in these areas. You can expect more.”

The success of the fantasy series Wheel of time Shows why Amazon is moving in this direction. Salke revealed that it is “one of the top 5 series ever released by Prime Video”, adding that it has seen “tens of millions of streams” and a high completion rate.

Mass Effect Rumors have popped up recently, and EA recently stated that it will produce a game-based TV series “not a problem, but when.” wizard Star Henry Cavill also hinted Mass Effect The series is in a mysterious Instagram post with (easy to blur) text as edge famous.

Mass Effect Legend Arrived Earlier this year With updated gameplay and graphics, it is generally well received.The series was first launched in 2007 Mass Effect, A third-party shooting and role-playing game where Commander Shepard and the System Alliance fight against the Reapers, an ancient race of machines that invaded the galaxy. Two sequels (2010 and 2012) followed, and the fourth game, Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017). BioWare and EA are currently developing the fifth one, New installment payment.

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