Amanda Kloots attends the “Waitress” at Broadway’s reopening to commemorate her late husband Nick Cordero

The co-host of “The Talk” attended the opening night of “Waitress”, a Broadway musical performed before her husband died last year.

Cordero died of complications from Covid-19.

Kloots posted to her Instagram Browse a series of photos of the iconic Barrymore Theater in New York City.

“Stand and applaud before the show! What a night! It’s incredible to watch a Broadway show again tonight. I have actually never seen a show like this tonight,” Kloots wrote in her post. “I really can’t speak.”

They dedicated the performance to Cordero and sang “Live Your Life” on stage as a tribute.

Also present was the actor Zach Bluff, one of Cordero’s best friends.

Kloot posted an article on Friday tribute To commemorate the fourth anniversary of their marriage, they wrote “You will always be my husband and my angel, but you will always be the love of my life.”

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