Alyssa Naeher is a stable force for American goals

Yokohama, Japan (Associated Press)-As she did at the 2019 World Cup, the American goalkeeper Alyssa Neh Shine in the Olympics in the most tense moments.

Nah In the quarter-finals against the US team, made three key penalty saves for the US team Dutch, One in the rules and two in the shootout, kept the Americans alive in the Tokyo Olympics.

With this, Nah Consolidated the reputation of the amazing salvation of saving the world.

Megan Rapinoe speaks softly Nah May not be praised for victory, but she Deserved.

“Obviously, it is huge to get one penalty kick from them in the game, and then let us get two penalty kicks in the penalty shootout. It becomes so easy for us, especially when they go first and take it. When the first penalty kicks, you just need to put pressure on the team,” Rapino said. “She is amazing.”

America and Dutch Was tied to 2 late in the game Nah Killed Lieke Martens’s penalty.

Then in the penalty shoot-out, Nah Stopped Vivianne Miedema-the top scorer of 10 goals in the Olympics-with the Dutchman’s first attempt.

She stopped, and this second was taken by Aniek Nouwen. Rapino’s penalty kicked the Americans to the semifinals against Canada on Monday.

After that, of course, Nah Credit she teammate.

“This team, we always believe that we will find a way to win. I think you saw it tonight. The way this team came together, constantly fighting, playing for each other, pushing, pushing, pushing, lasted 120 minutes,” she Say. “Then let those four people stand up and bury their four penalty kicks. We won as a team. That was a real team effort.”

Ask if she The best performance ever, Nah deflection.

“I will leave it to you, I don’t know this,” she Say. “But, I said from the beginning, I just want to help my team win the gold medal.”

Nah Almost retained until failure.although sheThe number of goals allowed in the Olympic Games-especially in the 3-0 loss to Sweden in the first match- she It embodies the talent of the goalkeeper to forget his mistakes in an instant.

although she There is no personality as big as a player like Rapinoi, NahCall of teammates she Charming and smart. she Usually avoid social media. sheLove crosswords and sheA fan of the New England Patriots.

sheIs an amazing teammate, an amazing person. sheSo fun if you want to and she, She will talk to you about anything for a few hours,” teammate Lynn Williams said.

“But I think being calm helps her, and that’s what we see. She played an incredible game, she kept us in the game. And I don’t know how she did it. I Very surprised.”

At the World Cup in France, Nah Stifled a penalty in the semifinals of the United States’ 2-1 victory over England. This is the first time ever that an American goalkeeper has saved in the rules of a top football match.

As the US team maintained its lead late in the game, a video review determined that Becky Sauerbrun had fouled England’s Alan White in the penalty area. Nah It covered England captain Stephen Horton’s shot to help ensure that the American team reached the final.

The Americans won the championship with a score of 2-0 Dutch.

Allow to save Nah Establish she After taking over the work of the national team from the outspoken predecessor Hope Solow, his own identity.

Nah Since 2013, he has played 77 times for the national team, of which 44 were eliminated. Now 33, she Since 2016, she has been playing professional matches with the Chicago Red Stars in the National Women’s Football League.

she Keep she The method of punishment is unexpectedly simple.

“You just want to stay in the moment,” she Say. “Focus on the ball. Take a few deep breaths and let instinct take over.”

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