Almost withdrew from the race, the U.S. team won the bronze medal in the 4×400 mixed relay

Tokyo (Associated Press)-The 4×400 mixed relay American lineup is quite unexpected-there is no Alison Felix.

The color of Olympic medals is also bronze.

Considering the whirlwind of their emotions-disqualification in the first round, appeals, return to the final late at night-any medal is worth celebrating.

The U.S. finally lags behind the gold medalist Poland The runner-up Dominican Republic made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday night as a mixed relay.

From the start to the end of the game, this is a crazy journey for the Americans.

“We must keep faith,” said Anchor Leg Vernon Norwood. “We all felt a little satisfied and left to have the opportunity to participate in the competition. That was what we looked forward to the most. We finally regained our happiness and finally got some hardware.”

The United States was disqualified in the first round on Friday due to poor communication. The Dominican Republic was also disqualified. A few hours after the end of the game, both men recovered.

No one can catch up on saturday PolandThe real race was second place, Alexander Ogando crossed the finish line, and the Dominicans won the silver medal with a 0.01 second advantage.

Some people think Felix may enter the final and have a chance to win her record 10th Olympic medal. It must wait.

When the event made its debut at the 2019 Doha World Championships, she won the gold medal with Will London, Courtney O’Kolo and Michael Cherry.

Instead, the Americans chose the young Trevor Stewart (24 years old), Kendall Ellis (25 years old), Kailin Whitney (23 years old) and the 29-year-old politician Norwood.

“Do your best to get the bronze medal,” Norwood said. “Thank you very much to the team here and the team that ran before us for giving us the opportunity.”

That team is also in the stadium. They congratulate each other.

“They are happy for the medals we all won,” Ellis said. “They brought us here. This is their medal and also our medal. This is our eight-man team. We all won this medal together. I am grateful that they went out yesterday to set the tone.”

PolandThe team of Karol Zalewski, Natalia Kaczmarek, Justyna Swiety-Ersetic and Kajetan Duszynski won in 3 minutes 9.87 seconds.

“It feels so good,” Duszynski said.

A fascinating game is undoubtedly a team of two men and two women, competing against each other in any order.

Whitney said: “There, both men and women, you can see a wide display of talents from each country.” “It only adds more excitement.”

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