“Allyship” was named 2021 Word of the Year

New York (Associated Press)-Allyship is an old term, once again given a new look, is Dictionary NetworkVocabulary of the year.

A content monitor of the company said that the query site, which has 70 million users per month, took the unusual step of adding a word last month, even though the word “ally” first appeared in the mid-1800s. John Kelly.

“For some people, this may be a surprising choice,” he Tell the Associated Press before the unveiling on Tuesday. “In the past few decades, the term has evolved to have a more nuanced and more specific meaning. It is continuing to evolve, and we have seen this in many ways.”

The website provides two definitions for allies: advocating the inclusion of “marginalized or politicized groups” in the role of people who unite but are not members, and more traditional “relationships in which an individual, group, or country connects and cooperates with a person “. The other is for a common reason or purpose. “

This word is different from “alliance”, “alliance” Dictionary Network In a sense, it is defined as “the integration of individual, family, country or organization efforts or interests”.

This is the first definition that emerged recently in the mid-2000s and has been popular all the time. After the summer of 2020 and the death of George Floyd (George Floyd), as racial justice demonstrations spread, white allies — and the word ally — proliferated. Prior to this, immediate allies joined the causes of LGBTQ oppression, discrimination, and marginalization.

“This year, we have seen many companies and organizations start to promote diversity, fairness and inclusiveness very prominently and openly. Alliance relations are related to this. In the classroom, there is a flash point around the term critical racial theory. Allyship Also related to this,” Kelly Said.

In addition, as the pandemic spread last year, teachers, frontline workers and mothers who took care of work, housework and childcare during the blockade gained allies.

There is no entry for “allies”, Kelly Said that the site saw a sharp increase in searches for “allies” in 2020, and a substantial increase in 2021. It ranks in the top 850 out of thousands of words this year. Dictionary Network Broadened the definition of “allies” to include more nuanced meanings. This year, the terms “DEI” and “Critical Race Theory” made their debut on the website as “allies.”

As the buzz around this word grows louder, what it means to be a true ally has gained new meaning. One aspect of the ally relationship, as it has already appeared, is how far it can go.

In the example of how to use the word in the quoted sentence Webster This is an article written by aboriginal activist Hallie Sebastian: “Bad allies speak to marginalized people by gaining honor and recognition because they have been arguing all their lives. “

As Sheree Atcheson, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Executive, wrote in Forbes, an ally relationship is “a lifelong process of establishing relationships with marginalized individuals and/or groups based on trust, consistency, and accountability.” She said this is not “self-defining-work and effort must be approved by the people you seek to align.”

Atcheson added that Allyship should be an “opportunity to grow and understand yourself, while building confidence in others.”

The earliest evidence of the term “ally” is the two-volume work “The Lord of the Manor, or the Light and Shadow of Country Life” published in 1849 by the English novelist Thomas Hall. : “Under these considerations, it is very possible that he may have heard of the alliance between Miss Clough and Madame Burgun.”

Kelly Some additional excavations have been made on the history of the allies in the sense of social justice. Although the Oxford English Dictionary dates the use of this word back to the 1970s, Kelly Discover an article “The Allies of the Negro” (The Allies of the Negro) published by Albert W. Hamilton in 1943. It discussed extensively the potential allies of blacks in the fight for racial equality:

“Some white liberals are beginning to realize that they better start seeking blacks as allies,” he wrote. “The new lifestyle that liberals seek will be a scam, and there is no racial equality that blacks seek. Only on the basis of equality can blacks be involved in daily work, organization, leadership, and what they need to win a better world. Support.”

On the other side of the ally, Kelly Said, “It’s a feeling of division and polarization. It was January 6.” Allies, he Said that in the chaotic cultural period of the past two years, the dichotomy has become a powerful prism.

The other dictionary companies in the word game of the year focus on the pandemic and its impact.Oxford Languages, responsible for overseeing the Oxford English Dictionary, chose “vax” and Webster “Vaccine” is selected. At the same time, the Collins Dictionary in Glasgow, Scotland chose “NFT”, a digital token that sells for millions of dollars.

although Webster Relying only on website search data to choose the word of the year, Dictionary Network Take a broader approach. It searches search engines, a wide range of texts, and uses cultural influence to select the vocabulary of the year.

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