Allu Arjun is interested in the Bollywood project, as long as he is the main person in charge

Fans of Allu Arjun will be happy to know that this actor is open to the idea of ​​making a real Bollywood movie. Allu Arjun recently appeared in Pushpa: The Rise, which performed well in theaters. “I received an offer, but no specific or exciting news. Hope it will happen soon (it will happen). It does require courage, you have to take risks (working in another industry),” Allu Arjun told PTI.

This actor has worked in the Telugu film industry for 20 years and is already a superstar. He is absolutely not interested in projects that are not the protagonist. “When we are the protagonists of the movies we make, anyone who comes to us will only offer to play the protagonist. I am not interested in anything (other). This is very understandable,” he said.

Aruachon Aruachon

“Even if the other party won’t come, it doesn’t make sense to have such a big star play a second role, because it will harm the movie, and they know. You have to be the protagonist and the main leader,” he added.

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