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The Presidential Palace stated that the move was “in view of the continued provocation and hostility of Morocco”.

According to the Presidential Palace, the Algerian President announced the closure of the airspace of all Moroccan aircraft in the country. This is the latest dispute between the two neighboring countries, mainly around the issue of Western Sahara.

Wednesday’s move was announced after a high-level Security Council meeting chaired by President Abdul Majid Tebun.

A statement said that the immediate shutdown affected “all civilian and military aircraft and aircraft registered in Morocco.”

It added that the decision was made “in view of the continued provocation and hostility of Morocco”.

Morocco did not respond immediately.

A source from Royal Air Maroc (RAM) told Reuters that the move will only affect 15 flights a week connecting Morocco with Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt.

The source, who requested anonymity, said that the impact on RAM was negligible and said that related flights may be diverted across the Mediterranean.

Algeria broken It established diplomatic relations with Morocco on August 24, accusing it of taking “hostile actions” after the tension between the two North African countries lasted for several months.

Last month, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled the ambassador to Morocco and hinted that further measures might be taken.

Moroccan special envoy to the United Nations Omar Hilal (Omar Hilal) said that this move is in line with the Moroccan special envoy to the United Nations Omar Hilal (Omar Hilal) on Algeria’s Kabylie region (Kabylie Algeria’s support of the Polisario Front.

At a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement, Hilal called for “the people living in the Kabili region to enjoy the right to self-determination” to refer to the Tamaztian-speaking minority in Algeria.

He once suggested that Algeria should not deny this while supporting the self-determination of Western Sahara.

Morocco’s normalization of relations with Israel last year, in exchange for the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara by the United States, also angered Algiers.

Since the early 1990s, the land border between Algeria and Morocco has been closed due to security issues, intensifying the friction between Algiers and Rabat, and the relationship between the two countries has deteriorated due to the conflict.

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