Alexis Ohanian is using his daughter’s famous doll to help empower girls

Now, the father of four-year-old Olympia is using this reputation to try and inspire girls to pursue their passions as a means to fight against a patriarchal society that does not always value them.

“I think every step forward is a step in the right direction,” Ohanian said. “I can’t help but think that this will continue to be an inescapable responsibility, and I will definitely say that people with power, influence, and privileges like me find ways to pay attention, support, support, and do work.”

The proud dad of the girl said that Olympia did not fully understand how popular her doll-sold through Amazon for $29.99-had become.

But he has mastered the power of using dolls, art and the Internet to try to help children, especially young girls.

“I always like to paint myself,” he said. “I drew Reddit aliens and it has become very iconic now. All of this started with a coloring book, and all of this started with some crayons, some markers, and some free time. Now I have I have a daughter, and I actually found it a little pensive to color with her.”

Ohanian said that this is a great way for children to concentrate, adding that “I hope it can be a gateway for any child, regardless of their age. Basically, as long as they can hold crayons, they can enjoy this. “

Encouraging little girls to be what they want and be whatever they want is important for a man whose daughter has been saying recently that she wants to be a “dolphin veterinarian” (he thinks it means a marine biologist).

Moreover, he said, this is just the beginning of expanding the scope of Qai Qai’s influence.

“We are not ready to announce anything, but I can say that there are a lot of exciting things on the deck of Qai Qai,” Ohanian said. “When we think of the broader invisible universe, the goal here is actually to build another Pixar.”

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