Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that U.S. lawmakers should not hold cryptocurrencies to “keep justice”

Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) said on Monday that she avoids any and all investments that may represent a conflict of interest, including cryptocurrencies — and believes her colleagues in Congress should do the same.

She explained that as a member of the House Financial Services Committee, she felt that it was inappropriate for her to hold Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Or other digital assets, because legislators can access “sensitive information and upcoming policies.”

“I don’t think that members of Congress should own/trade individual stocks. I choose not to own any stocks so that I can maintain fairness in policy making,” AOC said. “I also extended it to digital assets/currencies […] I want to do my best to complete my work in an ethical and fair manner. “

Screenshot of AOC’s Instagram Story

AOC, a progressive lawmaker who has served in the U.S. government since 2019, has consistently advocated that the rich pay more federal taxes, made sexist remarks in Congress, and called for the cancellation of student loan debt. She is also a member of six members of the House of Representatives, commonly known as the “squad.”

Although members of Congress are allowed to buy and sell stocks and other investments during their tenure in office, they are also subject to the “Congressional Knowledge Stop Trading Act” or the “Stocks Act” passed in 2012, which requires them to report any purchases, sales, or purchases or sales between 30 and 30 Exchange over 1,000 USD in 45 days.However, many federal judges and legislators have It is said to have broken the law By not disclosing certain investments.

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In the case of cryptocurrency in the hands of members of Congress, using a public blockchain database to track investment seems to be an option, so both the House and Senate leadership can avoid putting lawmakers in their will determine cryptocurrency policy and how to block The chain is treated as a conflict of interest.Senator Cynthia Loomis Report purchase of BTC The value in August is between US$50,001 and US$100,000. Although Senator Lummis publicly supported cryptocurrency before being sworn in, she still serves on the Senate Banking Committee.