Alex Ovechkin signs five-year contract with the Capitals

Alex Ovechkin Signed a five-year, $47.5 million contract extension with the Capitals on Tuesday, which may keep the forward in Washington for the rest of the time his NHL career.

Almost no doubt Ovickin Will go back to the capital, even if he Become an unrestricted free agent in this offseason.The two sides had discussed the preparations for last season, but Ovickin As previously said, the only two teams he wants to play for are Washington and Dynamo Moscow-the KHL team where he started his career.

When Ovechkin’s new contract expires, he will spend 21 seasons in the Capitals. He will become one of three Washington athletes who have spent at least 20 seasons on their respective teams, joining Washington football team cornerback Darrell Green and Washington Senator pitcher Walter Johnson.

Ovickin Over the years, he has consolidated his position as the spokesperson for the Capitals franchise. he Leading the organization in 1,197 games. his 730 goals and 1320 points are the most in team history.and Ovickin In 2018, he won the first Stanley Cup championship for the Washington team and served as the team captain.

Alex Monumental Sports & Entertainment founder and CEO Ted will always be regarded as a world-class athlete. He not only led the team to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup, but also inspired the next generation of fans and youth players. Leonsis said in a statement.

“Influence Alex The hockey game in Washington goes far beyond the Capital One Arena,” Leonsis continued. “His performance on the ice has undoubtedly inspired the enthusiasm of countless new fans and inspired more young players to wear themselves. Skates. Leave the ice, AlexThe impact is equally unparalleled.not only he Committed to franchising and also committed to the community, we look forward to seeing he In the next few years they will wear the uniform of the Capital Team. “

Washington awaits re-signing Ovickin Until last week’s Seattle Sea Monster expansion draft, leaving Ovickin Unprotected, as expected.This allows Washington to protect an additional player before signing a new long-term agreement Ovickin.

OvickinThe annual value of the new contract is US$9.5 million.The average annual value of Ovechkin’s new contract and his The previous one-a 13-year contract worth USD 124 million signed in 2008. According to CapFriendly, Washington will have $4,135,407 in salary space. OvickinTransactions.

Ovickin Entering the 2021-22 season, he will become the sixth-highest scorer in NHL history, and he will have the opportunity to approach-if not surpass-Wayne Gretzky’s 894 record. Ovickin, His new contract will last until the 2025-26 season, with 730 goals his The meaning of the name he If Gretzky can score 33 goals in a season, he can catch him.

Washington changed its franchise route when it was drafted Ovickin The No. 1 pick in the 2004 NHL Draft.since his In the 2005-06 season’s debut, the Capital team ranked second in the NHL with 689 wins and 1524 points.

and Ovickin It has not slowed down with age. Before the coronavirus pandemic shortens the 2019-20 season, Ovickin Preparing to score 57 goals-this will be the second most goal this season his Profession. he Last season, he scored 24 goals and 18 assists in 45 games. The season was shortened again due to the pandemic. Ovickin Become the fourth NHL player to score at least 20 goals in 16 consecutive seasons his Profession.

Alex Is the spokesperson of our franchise and is committed to this organization and this city,” general manager Brian McClellan said in a statement.Alex Embodies our franchise, we are very happy he will continue his For the next five years, they will wear Caps uniforms. “

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