Alex Ovechkin has more work to do

In 16 seasons Alex Ovechkin Already here Washington, heA lot has been done. he Can take a look Hockey LeagueThe list of the highest scores, take a look his The name ranks sixth, with 730 career records. he Sew a “C” his Jerseys and Stanley Cup champions his belt.

But there are many Ovickin Want to do it in dc

“My wife and I go to the museum because I don’t think she Once one,” Ovickin Said Thursday. “We have a lot of time and we figure out what we have to do.”

Ovechkin was right. After the 35-year-old winger signed a new five-year contract with the Capitals, he and his wife had enough time to visit the museum. Washington Should be his outstanding duration Hockey League Profession.

Of course, there is more than a museum visit. Ovickin Imagine more Stanley Cup leads and more goals-165 to be precise.How many goals is this Ovickin Need to surpass Wayne Gretzky to become a leader in history Hockey League Score, and this pursuit played a role in why he sought a five-year contract Washington.

“Well, you never know,” Ovickin Say. “I will try my best. That’s why I want to play for another five years. If I have the opportunity to catch my freshman year, why not do it? If I want to get second, that’s a good number.”

Almost no problem Ovickin Will come back even he Enter the offseason as an unrestricted free agent.The capital chooses not to protect he In the expansion draft last week, because he There is no contract.If the siren chooses Ovickin, Seattle will have to sign he. and he did not see Hockey League With any other team in the future, not the only team heOnce known.

once his The contract expires, Ovickin Will spend 21 seasons in the capital. He will join Washington football cornerback Darrell Green and Washington Senator pitcher Walter Johnson to become one of three Washington professional athletes who have spent at least 20 seasons on their respective teams.

Ovickin The franchise has been upgraded since then his It debuted in the 2005-2006 season.The capital team’s victory (689) and points (1,524) ranked second Ovickin Jump on the ice first Washington. he Signed the first contract worth more than 100 million U.S. dollars Hockey League 2008 history-124 million US dollars, 13 years of extension. But now he is back.

“He’s really a good guy. Ted Leonsis, CEO of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, said: “There are not many good players with good people. “He is very real and I think the community expects Alex Stay because they know what a good person this is he Yes.and heShowing his Playing here for five years, thanks to the community. “

General Manager Brian McClellan says Ovickin feel he Can play heIt’s 40, but there will be challenges he age. heNeed to work hard to maintain his Conditioning.When McClellan designed the roster, he wanted to make sure Ovickin Support can relieve some of the pressure on goals Ovickin.

still, Ovickin Will drive goals and more. he It takes an average of 33 times per season to surpass Gretzky, and the team has more success Ovickin seek.

“Focus on winning the cup and breaking an unbreakable record,” Leonsis said. “This is a way to end a career.”

Visit the museum with my wife.Add it to Ovechkin’s agenda for the next five years Washington.

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