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The actor said that he did not pull the trigger when shooting, and killed photographer Halyna Hutchins on the Rust set.

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin said that he does not take any responsibility for this matter. Deadly shot In October, photographer Halyna Hutchins shot on the set of the movie “Rust”.

In the first interview after the incident, the American actor said that he did not pull the trigger when he was holding a gun that was shot at Hutchins.

The 63-year-old said that he would “never point a gun at anyone or pull the trigger” and reiterated that the staff in charge of the weapon at the scene told him that the gun was “safe”.

“I think someone is responsible for what happened, but I know it’s not me. Baldwin told ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos that if I think I’m responsible, I might commit suicide, and I won’t say it lightly.

He added that “informed sources told him” that he is unlikely to face criminal charges for the October 21 shooting in New Mexico, which also hurt director Joel Suza.

The incident, including how the live ammunition entered the set, is still under investigation survey New Mexico State authorities. No criminal charges were filed.

Baldwin said that when he raised the gun and fired, he was rehearsing the camera angle with Hutchins.

“In this scene, I’m going to raise the gun. I said,’Do you want to see that? She said yes. So I picked up the gun and started loading it. I won’t pull the trigger,” he said.

“I said,’Did you see it?’ She said,’Well, just cheat it and make it tilt a little bit.’ I raised the gun and said,’Can you see it? Can you see it? Then I let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun rang.”

Baldwin said that at first he thought Hutchins had fainted, but did not learn that she was dead until a few hours later.

He said he “cannot imagine” making another movie involving guns.

Baldwin was also the producer of the film. He said he hadn’t heard “a word” about the safety of the studio, although some crew members who resigned before the incident stated that this was because of lax safety measures.

Two crew members have filed a civil lawsuit accusing Baldwin, the producer and others of negligence and lack of security agreements on the set.

Baldwin said, “When I was there, he personally didn’t notice any safety or security issues.”

He also said that he had met with the film’s armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed (Hannah Gutierrez Reed) before filming and attended a gun training course. She looked very capable and responsible.

“I think because she is there and she is hired, she is qualified for the job,” he said.

Gutierrez Reed has been the subject of most of the scrutiny in this case.

Her lawyer said she didn’t put the bullet in the gun and believed she was Victim of vandalismThe authorities stated that they found no evidence.

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