Alec Baldwin addresses the “rust” tragedy in New Year’s video

Actors and producers Posted almost 13 minutes of video on his verified Instagram account On New Year’s Day, he wrote: “Give up the opportunity to hurt us again. Destroy us.”

Baldwin first talked about a young woman who, when she was out for lunch in a Long Island restaurant recently, handed him a Splenda packet with a note of encouragement.

This made him express his gratitude for the support he has received since the shooting that led to the death of the photographer Halina Hutchins And the injury of film director Joel Suza,

Baldwin said: “I have met more kind, considerate, and generous people than I have maliciously over the death of Harina Hutchins.” I am not afraid to say this, nor to use some euphemisms-someone The death was very tragic. “

“And I got a lot, I mean a lot, from people’s kindness,” he added. “It’s incredible.”

The tragedy happened when Baldwin was holding a prop gun. He said in the video, “Of course, this is the worst situation I have ever encountered.”

“I very much hope that the person in charge of investigating this matter will find out the truth as soon as possible,” he said. “No one wants the truth more than I do.”

Authorities in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the shooting occurred, are continuing their investigation.

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