Akshay Kumar contributed Rs. 10 million to build a school in Kashmir

On June 17, Akshay Kumar spent a full day with Border Security Force officials. He even shared photos of celebrations held during his stay, and he can be seen dancing with the staff.

More than a month since then, BSF has now announced on social media that Akshay Kumar has contributed Rs. US$10 million was used to build a school in Kashmir and even participated in the groundbreaking ceremony via video call yesterday. BSF’s official page shared the news via pictures and said: “DG BSF Sh Rakesh Asthana and Sh Akshay Kumar Today, Padma Shri laid the foundation stone in the Hari Om Bhatia Education District of Niru Government Middle School in Kashmir. BWWA Chairman Smt Anu Asthana and SDG Western Command BSF Chairman Sh Surendra Panwar were linked via the Internet today. ”

Check out the pictures of the virtual ceremony below.


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