AJ McKee has a million reasons to prepare for his Bellator championship

After each of the 17 victories he started his career, AJ McKee made sure to let people know that his goal was Patricio “Bulldog” Freire, The current lightweight and lightweight Bellator champion, many people think he is the greatest mixed martial arts player in promotion history.

After calling him publicly for countless times, the “mercenary” (17-0-0) had the opportunity to declare that he thought he was his on Bellator 263 on Showtime on July 31st. Featherweight World Grand Prix Finals World champion and million dollar prize money. Adding a storybook element is that the battle will take place on a forum in Los Angeles.McGee is a native of Compton and he will get the support of his hometown because he hopes to defeat the Pitbull (32-4-0) and achieve the next leap His career.

We talked to McGee about how he prepared for the battle that Berat has been calling for since the beginning of his career, and his plan to use the bonus.

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Since your first victory, you have been calling for this battle. How long have you been fighting for this opportunity? Now that the battle is coming, how do you regulate your emotions?

The key is to always focus on keeping the course. My dad is really good at keeping me calm. He knows that I am the one to get it. He always tells me to fight wisely and don’t rush to get it. This will be an important part of the fight with Pitbull. When everyone fights with him, they will fight him. Be able to notice this, remember that I am longer and younger, Stronger and faster Man, I don’t need to rush to get it. Once that door is closed, I have 25 minutes to do what I do best and let him bring me the fight. After all, he is the champion, but he is fighting with me in my hometown, in my backyard. I will let all the fans there cheer for me, it’s great.

Have you given yourself some opportunities to keep your mind away from the fight, or have you been locked in?

I’m a bit busy. I got this from my father. Staying busy allows us to focus on the task at hand.I’m not a can Stay focused On one thing. Obviously, the main goal is to beat Patricio Pitbull. Calling his name in 17 games, this is the person we have trained for from the beginning, because he is that person. I think he is a bit personal at times, but this is not personal. Since I first stepped into the organization, he has been a great champion and has always held this belt. This will be an interesting game and I am looking forward to it.

Considering the difficulties you overcome when you grew up in Compton, California, how sweet is it for you to host this game in your hometown?

I think this will only increase my motivation by a factor of 10, allowing me to make sure to go out and fight wisely. The fact that I know the entire arena is behind me is surprising. It’s not like we are fighting in Brazil in front of his hometown. Yes, he is a champion, but he must bring the fight to me. After all, if people are booing, they are doing him, because I know they are not booing me. It will be fun. Keeping this in mind, it makes me more motivated to do the right thing.

I watched him throughout the game, everyone seemed to have a great game plan, but they all went back to what they knew and chased him. Once we enter the battle, keeping calm and calm will be the key to this battle. Before we go in and the door closes, I can say what I am going to do. Once we touch the glove, a completely different animal will appear. Once he realized what he was dealing with when that door closed, that was when the fun began.

Tournament style has pros and cons. What is your opinion on this?

I would say that I don’t like it a bit. If this is during the day, which is the old PRIDE rule, and we finish the whole game in one or two nights, I will go all out. I think those are the best matches ever held by MMA. Obviously, due to the COVID happened during the game, the time is a bit long, and playing two games in the past two years is not ideal. In the final analysis, after knee surgery, it gave me time to recover, and I had to count my blessings as much as possible. I am still in the game, and I think this is a blessing. Completing everyone in the tournament is an important mark for my career. I am finishing the whole game. In the final analysis, this is a lucrative payday and I am looking forward to it.

After the operation, how long will it take you to reach a level where you no longer consider your knee?

[Darrion] Caldwell and I should fight in June. I signed the contract and am ready to fight, about 80%. This was a perfect timing, but the battle was postponed. By the time June came, I was ready, and after that, everything was fine. About six months after the operation, I felt good.

For you, what does a typical camp day include?

From a nutritional point of view, it depends on my weight. One evening, I ate asparagus, wagyu ribeye and spinach. I woke up this morning and had an egg white omelet and a little leftover steak. Train wisely, running is the key to weight loss.My dad has these Crazy ass workout I hate it passionately, but I like it at the same time. We call him a wizard because he came up with some crazy things. In most cases, it is three exercises over two days, including running during the day and night. That’s it. A good run, then hard practice with the team in the morning. Practicing at night is more of glove work, Strength and stamina, We start from there.

Have you ever considered what you would do with that million-dollar bonus?

Real estate and some investments are a good way. I live in Los Angeles, and in a beautiful house in the neighborhood where I want to live, one million is a good down payment, even if it is a down payment. This is a good start. I can pay off my father’s house and then pay a substantial down payment for myself to see what happens in the future. Undefeated and seeing a million dollars, I don’t think I should see anything. I want to continue to reach new heights and completely change the sport of mixed martial arts. In the 145-pound department, I have nothing left. At that time I will play 18 games in that department, so I will increase to 155 pounds and depose Patricio there and see how things are going there.

AJ and Antonio McKee will make history at Bellator 228 this weekend.

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