AirTags is the best choice for tiling

April 20, Apple completely destroyed Tile’s business.this AirTags announcement It showed that Tile, which was established in 2012, has a direct or even better competitor for its main product line. Tile’s micro trackers, which people attach to keys, bags, and bicycles, are very popular and generate $40 million in revenue invest In September of this year, revenues soared by 50% in the first half of 2021.

However, when AirTags went on sale in May of this year, Tile CEO CJ Prober Strike out At his company’s new super-large competitor. Prober claims that Apple is a “out-of-control monopoly train” and added that although Tile “welcomes competition from Apple,” it must Fair competition.

Tile’s dissatisfaction includes how Apple restricted Tile’s access to the “Find My” network, as well as the alleged deterioration of its previous intimate relationship-Tile trackers were once available for purchase on the Apple Store, but they are no longer available. As far as Prober is concerned, Apple is here for lunch. Six months later, Tile released the latest Mate, Pro, Sticker and Slim trackers. Tile Ultra, its first ultra-wideband (Ultra-wideband) Trackers-the same “living room-scale GPS” technology in AirTags-will come out early next year.

Apple’s entry can usually legitimize an industry, just as it did with smart watches. Now that the tracker has entered the market, has it happened? According to Prober, business is booming. “We have sold more than 40 million tiles. Revenue increased in the first half of the year. The activation of third-party products is a major focus for us, and our annual growth rate is over 200%. Business is very good.”

But anxiety still exists. Prober is still dissatisfied with Apple and said that Apple’s actions have caused an unacceptable blow to his business. “We have seen very strong business momentum-despite unfair competition from Apple.” Prober pointed out that not long ago, you could also buy Tile products on the Apple Store. “Then, soon, we were kicked out of their store. When they launched the new “Find My” experience, they implemented many changes to their platform that deprecated our experience. Nevertheless, despite Apple There is self-preference, but business is still good-but obviously, it would be better if we played fairly.”

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