Airbnb’s Massive Redesign Helps You Divide Accommodations Between Homes

It’s now relatively safe to travel again, Airbnb unveiling A brand new experience, including some much-needed features for frequent travelers. First, the redesigned app now lets you search for categories related to home style, location or activity. You can look for places close to national parks and even book a tree house. Airbnb obviously wants you to book accommodation outside of the usual tourist hotspots.

Perhaps the biggest addition, however, is Split Stays. As the name suggests, this allows you to split trips between two families without having to book each location individually. You can also split between categories or destinations. This will hopefully help on long trips or any trips where you won’t be staying in one place.

Although Airbnb no longer offers refunds If you have COVID-19, it offers some extra protection to encourage travel. The new AirCover program will relocate you or provide a refund if the host needs to cancel (within 30 days), if you can’t move in or if the home doesn’t meet the advertised requirements. 24 hours safety phone line Support will also be extended to 16 languages, and AirCover is built directly into the app and Airbnb’s website.

The reworked experience is available in the U.S. today and should spread globally this week. Airbnb may feel stretched when it claims it’s the biggest change in “a decade,” but after a two-year run, it may be enough to prompt people to take vacations.

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