AHS: Dual Features Season 10 Trailer: Terrible Aliens

From the new American Horror Story: Extreme close-up of aliens and their eyes in the dual feature trailer.

The truth is there.
Screenshot: Foreign exchange

This is obviously a bold proposition American Horror Story, A series known for marketing Every new season It’s creepy, and often, Mysteriously As much as possible. (The movement is AHS: Cult Involving holes-So many holes—— Must have awakened countless potential intensive phobias. ) But with this new trailer Bifunctional, Premiering next month, reminder of Ryan Murphy’s popular foreign exchange anthologies AHS Believe it can still be Shocking, even 10 seasons.

Speaking of AHS Faithful, no one knows better that the promo of this show does not necessarily represent the actual content that will be seen in any actual episode.They are mood regulators-remember those amazing retro-themed ads AHS: 1984, This set the tone for this season. This season is indeed a slash tribute with a lot of soft fashion and big hair, but at the same time a deep dive of a serial killer and a ghost story?Everything we really know Bifunctional It’s its cast, as the name suggests, this will be done in two parts. And… maybe, aliens? check it out!

“The Collision of Two Worlds” tells scenes of contrasting contrasts (as this trailer reveals, their two parts will be called “red tide” and “death valley”), but it also tells that people may be on the beach or in the desert Terrifying creatures encountered in. This trailer hints at what seems to be a mermaid (no matter what it is, it is absolutely ferocious) and an alien who never seeks interstellar peace on Earth. It’s still unclear: whether the two stories will remain separate or mixed in some way, as suggested by this lively, fangs but possibly deliberately misleading trailer.

In order to solve your problem in the meantime, American Horror StoryA derivative product of the mothership featuring an independent series is currently being broadcast on Hulu’s FX. American Horror Story: Dual Features Brings rookies Macaulay Culkin and Neil McDonald into the cast, which also includes AHS Veterans Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Francis Conroy, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lord, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, Finn Wittlock, Dennis O’Hare, Matt Bomer and John Carroll Lynch. It arrived at FX on August 25 and played on Hulu’s FX the next day.

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