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Three white men charged with killing Ahmed Abery A U.S. prosecutor stated that the pursuit of him was only “because he was a black man running around on the street”, because the political accusation trial was concluded on Monday.

65-year-old Gregory McMichael, his 35-year-old son Travis McMichael and their neighbor William Bryan, 52-year-old Not guilty The charges include murder, serious assault and illegal imprisonment.

The prosecutor Linda Dunikoski told the court, Defendant The 25-year-old Arbery mistakenly “assumed the worst.”

“They decided to attack Ahmed Abery in their drive because he was a black man running on the street,” she said on Monday.

Abery Murder last year Two months later, after a picture and video of his death were leaked online, a man in Georgia, USA became part of a larger liquidation of the country’s racial injustice.

An avid joggerOn February 23, 2020, he ran through a community in Brunswick, a coastal community 480 kilometers (300 miles) southeast of Atlanta, when he was pursued by the defendant and shot.

Dunikoski said that Arbery didn’t even bring a cell phone. She said that the defendant killed him “not because he was a threat to them, but because he would not stop to talk to them.”

Defense counsel It was argued that the three men suspected that Arbery had broken into the house under construction and planned to detain him until the police arrived.

Between October 2019 and his killing, security cameras recorded Arbery’s situation at home five times. There is no video showing Arbery stealing or damaging anything.

The prosecutor did not argue that racism was the motive for the killing. However, the US federal authorities charged all three defendants with hate crimes, claiming that they pursued Abery because he was black.

Travis McMichael is the only defendant to make a stand. He testified that, in self-defense, he shot Abery at close range. He called the shooting the most traumatic event in his life.

Travis McMichael also stated that on February 23, 2020, Abery caught his gun after a five-minute pursuit in the most defended coastal area of ​​Satila, Georgia.

In his closing speech, Jason Sheffield, McMichael’s Attorney, Pointed to the law enforcement training that McMichael received during his nine years in the US Coast Guard, where he worked as a mechanic.

Sheffield showed jurors a portion of the well-known mobile phone video Bryan (neighbor), which froze it the moment Arbery ran to Travis McMichael, who had just aimed his shotgun at Arbery.

“There is no doubt that Ahmed’s hand is on this gun,” Sheffield said, thinking that McMichael was worried about his life at the time.

Citizen arrested

Sheffield said his clients have Unintentionally Kill Abery until he is forced to make a life-and-death decision to protect himself.

He said that when Arbery was continuously captured by cameras in the unfinished house, the residents of Satilla Shores were already nervous because of reports of theft and suspicious persons nearby.

this Defense counsel Calling Abery “a habitual offender, he came when there was absolutely no legal reason.” Sheffield added that attempts to arrest citizens are completely legal in Georgia.

Sheffield said that Abery frequently visited the site, so there is reason to suspect that he had stolen items from the boat that the owner had stored in the doorless garage shortly before the camera was installed.

Then Travis McMichael had his own “horrible experience”, Sheffield said, “When he met Arbery in the yard 12 nights before filming. He breathlessly told the 911 dispatcher that Arbery was in Reach for his pocket when facing, as if he was holding a gun.

“Someone has committed a crime, and he knows about it,” Sheffield said. “Except for the hands on the stolen device, he saw everything.”

Prosecutor Dunikowski said that the McMichael family were the first invaders.

She said that they and Brian chased Abery for five minutes, stopped him in their truck and drove him off the road, otherwise they would prevent him from escaping after seeing him nearby.

After the shooting, she repeated Gregory McMichael’s words to the local police that Abery was “trapped like a mouse.”

Dunikowski pointed out that Abery never threatened the McMichael family during the hunt. He is not carrying a weapon. “You can’t bring a gun in a fight. It’s not fair, right?” the prosecutor said.

She said that Travis McMichael attacked Abery-first with his truck, and then pointed a shotgun at Abery as he ran towards him. “They cannot claim self-defense under the law, because they are the original, unreasonable aggressors,” Dunikowski said, “and they started it.”

The closing statement in the trial is a few days after the trial is over Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted In another case of concern.

Last year, 18-year-old Rittenhouse shot and killed two men during protests and riots against police brutality in Wisconsin.he Claim self-defense He was acquitted on all charges on Friday.

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