After weeks of growth, the number of weekly COVID cases in Europe has fallen

Geneva (Associated Press)-Both figures for the European region of the World Health Organization have fallen slightly Coronavirus disease After facing a series of weekly increases, the number of cases and deaths last week.

The United Nations health agency also noted that data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that as of Monday, as of Monday, all 212 confirmed cases of omicron variants found in 18 EU countries had asymptomatic or mild disease. The WHO warned that its understanding of omicron variants will “continue to evolve” as more data on its impact becomes available.

In its weekly epidemiological report released late on Tuesday, the WHO stated that the number of new cases per week in 53 European countries/regions fell by 2%, and the number of new cases reported last week exceeded 2.6 million-among which Germany And the United Kingdom has the most records-there are still 29,000 new cases. The number of deaths during this period-a drop of 3% from the previous week.

The WHO said that since mid-October, the incidence of cases in Europe has been rising.

It said that globally, the case rate in the past week has “leveled out”, with more than 4 million new cases reported, but the number of new deaths each week has increased by 10% to more than 52,500. The United States has the largest number of new cases every week, with more than 752,000 cases, a 30% increase from the number a week ago.

Since the start of the pandemic, the surge in cases in Africa-so far the region with the fewest cases of the six WHO regions-has increased by 79% to more than 6.3 million. But this week, there were 498 deaths in Africa, a decrease of 13% from the previous week.

According to the WHO, overall, the number of deaths related to COVID-19 in Africa exceeds 153,000, while the death toll in Europe exceeds 1.5 million, and the death toll in the Americas is 2.3 million.

Officials say that the number of verified cases and deaths related to the pandemic may far underestimate the actual number of deaths.


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