After the Jerusalem stabbing, the police shot and killed the Palestinian assailant

Jerusalem (AP)-On Saturday, Israeli police shot and killed an ultra-Orthodox Jew after a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an ultra-Orthodox Jew near the gate of Damascus. JerusalemThe old city, a tense and crowded area, is often the place where demonstrations and conflicts occur.

A widely circulated video taken by a bystander appeared to show that a police officer came from IsraelParamilitary Border police When the assailant was already lying on the ground and shot him, another appeared to show that the police had pulled out the gun to prevent medical personnel from approaching him, prompting calls for investigations into possible excessive use of force.

this Magen David Adom The emergency services said it treated an ultra-Orthodox man in his 20s who was stabbed and said he was in a moderate to severe condition.

The Israeli police released surveillance video, which showed that the attacker stabbed the Jewish man and then tried to stab a man. Border police The police officer was hit and fell to the ground. police The attacker was confirmed to be a 25-year-old man from Salfit in the occupied West Bank.

“People’s awareness and rapid response police This led to the elimination of the terrorists,” the police said in a statement. Later, the police could be seen carrying the body on a stretcher.

A large number of security forces were deployed to the area, where they had a brief clash with a group of young Palestinians and then dispersed them with tear gas and stun grenades.

Damascus Gate was the center of protests and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan last spring. The riots spread to other parts of the city, including a nearby holy site for Jews and Muslims, and finally ignited the 11-day war in Gaza.

The old town is on the east Jerusalem, which one Israel Captured along with the West Bank and Gaza in the 1967 war. Israel East annexation Jerusalem This move has not been recognized internationally and treats the entire city as the capital.Palestinians want the East Jerusalem Become the capital of their future countries, including the West Bank and Gaza.

In recent years, dozens of attacks have occurred in the Old City and its surrounding areas, almost all of which were carried out by Palestinians who have no known ties to armed groups. Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, praised Saturday’s attack but was not responsible for it.

The most recent attack occurred more than a week ago. A Hamas militant opened fire in the old city, killing one Israeli and wounding four others. He was then killed by police. It is not clear whether the Hamas leader ordered the attack or the man acted alone.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett expresses support police After Saturday’s attack, they said they “acted quickly with great determination, as the local police had expected. Israel, Opposed to terrorists trying to murder Israeli citizens. “

But the video showing the attacker was shot on the ground triggered a call for investigation.

Esawi Frej, Minister of the Arab Left IsraelThe government, including from different political factions, said that the shooting should be investigated. He said on Twitter: “The attackers must be shot to save human lives, not suicide when they no longer pose a threat.”

Palestinians and Israeli human rights organizations say that security forces sometimes use excessive force in response to attacks, killing suspected assailants who could have been arrested or did not directly threaten the security forces.

In a well-known case, Israeli soldier Elor Azaria was caught shooting a wounded Palestinian attacker lying on the ground. Azaria was later convicted of reckless manslaughter and served two-thirds of his 14-month sentence.

His case caused strong divisions among the Israelis. The military pushed for prosecution against him, claiming that he violated his moral code, and many Israelis, especially the nationalist right-wingers, defended his actions.

In a recent case, a Border police A Palestinian man with autism was shot and a police officer charged with reckless manslaughter JerusalemLast year’s old town.

The indictment was filed more than a year after Eyad Hallaq was shot and his family criticized him IsraelThe investigation into this murder case requires a more severe charge. This shooting is on par with the killing of George Floyd by the American police.

Israel Said its security forces made every effort to avoid harm to civilians and investigated suspected abuse.

Human rights organization says Israel Few members of its security forces are held accountable for fatal Palestinian shootings. Investigations often end with no charges or lighter punishments. In many cases, witnesses are not even called for questioning.

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