After the government postponed the implementation of new Covid restrictions on England, the UK stock market rose

As investors hope that the Westminster government will stop the new coronavirus, the UK stock market led the European stock market gains on Tuesday British restrictions Survey data shows that China’s huge manufacturing industry is growing faster than analysts expected.

The blue-chip FTSE 100 UK stock index rose 1.3% as its multinational commodity and banking stocks, which responded well to signs of strong global growth, outperformed the broader market.

After leading epidemiologist Neil Ferguson told BBC Radio 4, the domestic-focused FTSE 250 Index (excluding investment trusts) rose 2.1%, led by travel stocks today Omicron adult cases may stabilize in London.

“The threat of further restrictions from Omicron seems to have subsided. Of course, it is these restrictions that have slowed economic growth,” said Roger Lee, Investec’s director of UK equity strategy.

The Stoxx 600 stock index in Europe rose further by 0.9% on Tuesday, setting a new record on the basis of the record high set in the previous trading day. The London market is closed on Monday for a bank holiday.

On Wall Street, the futures market indicated that the Standard & Poor’s 500 index will open up 0.4% on the basis of a record high on Monday, when the Standard & Poor’s index was pulled up by the rise of Apple and electric car maker Tesla.

China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index, which is determined by Caixin and Markit, Rose to 50.9 higher than expected December reading. This drove the index, which collates the answers from executives on topics such as recruitment plans and new orders, and shows expansion when it rises above 50, the highest level since June.

According to Wang Zhe, senior economist at Caixin Insight Group, this growth shows that “the impact of the scattered Covid-19 outbreak has been contained”.

Contracts betting on the Nasdaq 100 index, which focuses on US technology, rose 0.3%.The indicator rose 1.1% on Monday as Apple became the first company to reach Market value $3tn, Highlighting analysts’ concerns that the U.S. stock market is overly dependent on the performance of a number of large technology companies.

Gavekal analyst Tan Kaixian said: “The U.S. economy seems to have entered the depth of its business cycle and usually sees the market leadership shrinking to large stocks,” he believes that rising U.S. wages will intensify this trend.

“At this time, companies with low profit margins suffer the most and may turn losses into profits. In contrast, companies with higher profit margins can continue to grow,” he said.

Patrick Spencer, vice chairman of stocks at RW Baird, said: “If the cane of a large technology company is kicked off, beware.” “The worry is that one of these very large technology stocks Fell and started to sell heavily.”

Stable U.S. Treasury Bond Prices A sharp decline On Monday, traders withdrew from government bonds, which are sensitive to expectations of rising interest rates and inflation.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury bond is inversely proportional to the price, unchanged at 1.64% after rising by more than 0.13 percentage points in the previous trading day.

In Asia, Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 Index closed up 1.8%, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was flat.

The oil benchmark Brent crude oil rose 0.3% to $79.26 per barrel, ahead of a meeting between members of the OPEC + producer organization.

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