After testing positive for COVID-19, Sonu Nigam posted a video blog on Instagram

Singer Sonu Nigam, who currently lives in Dubai, and his wife, son and sister-in-law have tested positive for COVID-19. The singer posted a video blog on Instagram where he talked about his health and other things.

The title of the post is “#SonuLiveD | Vlog 141. I tested Covid. Happy New Year 2022 to the big family! #covid_19 #newyear #2022 #vlog.”

He shared that although he tested positive for the new crown virus, his symptoms were mild and he did not feel that he was sick. He also sang a little, saying that he can sing and he is fine. He said: “I think we will have to live with it. Many times, I contracted viral fever, uncomfortable throat or congestion while performing at concerts. It feels much better than that, I am not dead,” he said . He went on to sing a bit and claimed that he sang very well and he was fine.

He also said that since his wife and son have also tested positive for the virus, he can now spend more time with his son who has not seen each other for a long time. He said: “This is a happy Covid family.”

Sonu also told him that he had to go to Bhubaneswar to film “Super Singer”, but he could not go because he was in isolation. He also admitted that he felt sorry for those who would suffer losses because of him, and said that Shaan had filled the vacancy for him in one place, and Anu Malik would take over for him to shoot the super singer.

Sonu Nigam

He also talked about the impact of the third wave on work. He said: “We have to be careful, don’t be afraid, it spreads a bit fast this time. I feel sorry for the theater people and I feel sorry for the filmmakers because of all our work. It has been affected in the past two years.”

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