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After extremists abused its private image policy, Twitter mistakenly suspended users

If you are concerned that people might abuse Twitter’s new policy Prohibit unauthorized image sharing, Your worries are well-founded.Social network Tell Washington post After far-right activists and white supremacists issued “coordinated and malicious” false reports trying to silence critics, it mistakenly suspended the accounts of 12 journalists and counter-extremist researchers. It is not clear how many reports have exceeded the “large number”.

The company stated that it has been revoking the ban and has begun an internal review to ensure that the policy is used “as expected.” More data on the number of false allegations will be provided later.Some extremists’ targets are still banned postals story.

This rule prohibits users from sharing private photos and videos without the subject’s permission. It also prohibits people from threatening to share the content or prompt others to disclose the content. There are exceptions for posts where the media may provide “public discourse value.” However, at least one banned target is simply to share public photos of known people.

This misuse is not entirely shocking. Critics have worried that the wording of the measure is too vague to prevent abuse. For example, it might stifle amateur investigators from screening ready-made data. Although Twitter may not want to overhaul its policies, it should come as no surprise if there are clarifications or adjustments to limit potential abuse in the future.

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