After beating Baylor, Maryland, ranked 2nd in Maryland, prepares for two more challenging games

Since last season’s coronavirus-related schedule restrictions are no longer in effect, the top women’s basketball team in the United States has begun to experience the Caribbean this season.

Six of the top seven teams in the Associated Press poll, including the second-ranked Maryland, either just recently played a game in the Bahamas or are ready to play on the sunny Caribbean island— —This was impossible last season.

Terrapins will be one of the four main women’s basketball events participating in the Baha Mar Hoops tournament during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, along with Indiana, No. 4, North Carolina, No. 5, and Stanford, No. 7. Earlier this week, another Bahamas Championship had just ended, with the first-ranked South Carolina, third-ranked Connecticut and 15th-ranked Oregon participating in the tournament.

Turtle Coach Brenda Fres It was stated on Sunday that these early-season games against other top teams are important for both sides. she Evaluation and growth of the team in the NCAA tournament. Last year, the second seed Maryland was defeated by the sixth seed Texas in the Sweet 16.

“Last year, we could only arrange five or six non-conference games,” she Said, refer to the scheduling rules due to COVID. “I think everyone is back this year, and I don’t want to be surprised in March.”

Maryland’s game against North Carolina State University on Thursday and Stanford University on Saturday will undoubtedly end the most challenging game of its schedule.

Terrapins at the beginning of the week On Sunday, they defeated No. 6 Baylor 79-76.

Maryland ranked third before the win, but after Connecticut lost to South Carolina in the Bahamas on Monday, the Turtles and Huskies switched positions.

Considering the upcoming challenging game, the victory over Baylor will raise the Turtles to 6-0, which is especially important. Losing the first game of three games is not ideal for a team like the Terrapins with so many young players. on the other hand, Fraser Said that these games were prepared in March.

“It feels like we need better competition to prepare us [last season],” Fraser Said after defeating Baylor. “For many of them, this is their first NCAA tournament. We didn’t participate in that many games due to COVID and the team being out.”

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