After a messy day in Stockholm, the Swedes are tired of the “political circus”

finally An extraordinary and chaotic day In modern Swedish political history, Magdalena Andersson-who served as prime minister for only seven hours before resigning on Wednesday-may agree with her opponent on one thing: the country’s Politics is a mess.

In one day, all the tensions of the past ten years were due to rise rapidly The nationalist Swedish Democratic Party broke out, highlighting the difficulty of forming a stable government in the fragmented political system of Scandinavian countries.

First, at 10 am, the center-left Social Democratic Party leader Anderson was confirmed as prime minister, although she lost a vote on her appointment because the opposition could not call a majority to prevent her from taking office.

By 4 pm, she was in deep trouble because her own spending plan — drafted when she was finance minister in the previous coalition — was rejected. Instead, the budget drafted by the opposition, the anti-immigration Swedish Democratic Party and the two mainstream center-right parties was passed. This is the first time that a part of the budget drafted by most people in the Swedish political circle called the far-right party has been passed.

An hour and a half later, the Anderson government collapsed, the small Green Party withdrew from the alliance, and the prime minister was forced to resign.

Ebba Busch, the leader of the center-right Christian Democratic Party, said: “Many people want to know what is going on in Swedish politics now.” Her ally moderate leader and future prime minister Ulf Kris Tesen added: “This political circus is very bad for Sweden.”

From all the chaos, Anderson There is a chance to redeem. The political parties that supported her as prime minister on Wednesday said they still support her. This means that she is likely to be confirmed as prime minister again in the next few days, leading a one-party minority government.

Parliament Speaker Andrea Snoren said that he would nominate Anderson again as prime minister on Monday, but on Thursday angrily criticized the Green Party, saying he “deeply regretted” the events of the previous day.

Some political experts believe that the turmoil may strengthen the status of her party. “A separate Social Democratic government might get better from the chaos we are in. It is easier for them to govern themselves than with the Greens,” said Jeanne Maders, senior lecturer in political science at Soderton University. Tam said.

All parties are now looking forward to the national election in September next year, and analysts believe this is a cause of Wednesday’s chaos, as several groups aim to improve their image.But whether the new elections will solve Sweden’s fundamental problems is far from certain: a fragmented political system in which the formation of a stable government has become struggle.

“The biggest problem is the parliamentary situation, the weaknesses we have seen in the past 10 years. As most people know, the situation will be the same after the next election. This makes it difficult to introduce major and important policy measures,” Bank Swedbank Said Andreas Wolstrom, the forecasting director.

Swedish companies are frustrated by the government’s inability to solve energy problems, infrastructure, housing, and immigration integration. “As far as I can see, the current government has achieved very little in terms of policy in its seven-plus years,” an executive said this month.

The political wind seems to favor the opposition right, especially nationalist“The biggest victory of the Swedish Democratic Party since its founding is the fact,” the party’s chief theorist Mathias Karlsson (Mathias Karlsson) said yesterday when he posted a photo of him drinking champagne with the party leader.

Matthias Karlsson, the chief theorist of the Swedish Democratic Party, claims that the events of the past few days are the party’s “biggest victory” © Michael Campanella/Getty Images

Not only did their budget pass, but their main problem-the soaring gang crime, including Shootings and explosions, And immigration-is a priority for voters.this Swedish democratic party It also seems to be close to their goal of establishing a conservative group with the moderates and the Christian Democrats.

“The winner on Wednesday is the Swedish Democratic Party. There is a clear government choice on the right. The current problems are all right wing,” Madstam said.

Anderson had problems forming a viable government coalition. Her supporting parties range from the former communist left to the nominal center-right centrist and the Green Party. The latter two blamed each other for the chaos on Wednesday, and the centrist refused to let the left have any influence.

Anderson’s predecessor and caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (Stefan Lofven) successfully Papers on differences Seven years, but before the election, the center, the left and the Green Party all hope to increase their support.

However, Madstam believes that the largest parties — the Social Democrats, the Moderates and the Swedish Democrats — will benefit the most. “Voters are seeing what happens when our situation is unclear. They will think twice when choosing their own party in the next election and think about how Sweden can have a stable government,” she added.

Before that, Anderson is likely to have the opportunity to serve as prime minister again, but major reforms are almost impossible.

Wolstrom said that despite the growing problems of integration and crime, he and many economists are frustrated by the lack of investment. Sweden’s public finances are strong, and the debt-to-GDP ratio has returned to pre-pandemic levels, about 35%.

He added: “We have seen the political costs of weak economic policies in the past few years. Extremist parties [the Left and Sweden Democrats] Is winning votes. The way to keep these extremists away from power is to improve the economic situation of many people. We can afford tax cuts and increased welfare expenditures. “

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