Africa in Pictures Week: 20-26 May 2022

This week’s best photo picks from across the continent and beyond:

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A Kenyan beekeeper holds a refractometer. Her hair is combed into ears of corn and she wears traditional Kenyan clothing. She narrowed one eye.

A Kenyan beekeeper demonstrates how to use a refractometer to assess the quality of honey at Nakuru Nyayo Gardens in the city of Nakuru on Friday.

A man examines a large turtle. Turtle on the table. Someone was standing behind him watching.

A scientist examines a turtle in the city of Sfax on Saturday in Tunisia.

A camel sits on the sand of the Egyptian desert, near some pyramids. The sky is blue with white clouds in it.

Meanwhile, on Sunday in Giza, Egypt, a camel sat down to rest near the pyramids…

Three children sit on a salt dome. It is bright white against a background of blue sky.

In the same country on Friday, some children sat on a salt mine in Port Fuad.

A photo of an expressionist artwork.

In Senegal on Saturday, work by French artist Louisa Marajo was on display at the Palais de Justice at the Dakar Biennale…

A statue of a man in blue color surrounded by brown bricks.

At the same event on the same day, the work of French artist Beya Gille Gacha was exhibited.

Dr. Tedros gives President Kenyatta hand gel. Kenyatta is smiling.

WHO Secretary-General Dr Tedros shared hand sanitizer with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in Geneva on Sunday.

Queen Silvia of Sweden poses with Janga Sobetwa.

South African artist Yanga Sobetwa poses with Queen Silvia of Sweden at the World Children’s Awards, which provide educational programmes for children, at Gripsholm Castle in Sweden on Monday.

The guards of honor stood in a row, as if marching. They wear green uniforms and masks.

The next day in Pretoria, South Africa, members of the honor guard prepare for the arrival of German Chancellor Olaf Schulz…

Elementary school students line up to protest. They are wearing green school uniforms, looking to the left.

The schoolchildren took part in a protest against xenophobia outside the South African Human Rights Commission in Johannesburg on Wednesday…

A woman walks past an art mural.

On the same day, in the same city, a woman in Maponeng District passed an art mural.

A man in a shop selling traditional African fabrics.

A man looks at fabrics in a clothing store in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire…

Children play around the football table.

Elsewhere in the city, children are playing table football.

A smiling group photo at the Cannes Film Festival. There were two people beside her.

Moroccan filmmaker Maryam Touzani poses for a photo at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday in France.

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