Adele asked Spotify to remove the shuffle button from the album page

The artist has Very influential In terms of streaming music services, Adele may have more power than most people. BBC News report Spotify has Remove After Adele presses the company to make changes, the shuffle button on all album pages is synchronized with the release 30. Should listen to the album “As [artists] “Intention” because they told “a story,” the singer explained in a follow-up report on Twitter.

You can still shuffle albums using the controls of a single song. This basically adds an extra step and prompts you to choose the first track. Competitors like Apple Music still allow you to click the “Shuffle” button from the album page.

There is no doubt that some albums are played in sequence, including 30. It weaves a narrative around an important moment in Adele’s life. However, critics have raised concerns about removing features to please artists. It is one thing to recommend that an album be played in a certain way, but it is another thing to take control from the listener to determine the order-so what about artists who are happy to allow random play?

At least Spotify is motivated to make such a change.Adele’s lead single 30, “Easy On Me” broke the previous single-day Spotify streaming record held by the large K-pop group BTS. Although Spotify has not outlined its basic principles, the company may not be eager to confront one of its most important musicians and risk losing customers.

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