Actors and staff who don’t have time to die about how it ends

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inside Many long months Before release, No time to die Touted as the last outing Daniel Craig’s tenure As James Bond.Since he first assumed this role in 2007 Royal Casino, Craig’s time This character has always been a fascinating character, and it’s interesting how it will really end this time after it seems to be over ghost.

In an interview full of spoilers type, Craig, director Cary Joji Fukunaga, and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson talked about the ending and how Craig’s farewell was ultimately made.

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At the end of the movie, James Bond dies clearly and concretely. Injected with a biological weapon that could specifically kill his lover Madeleine Swann and any of her relatives, including their young daughter Mathilde, Bond ordered air strikes on the island where he was stranded to ensure that the virus never Will copy again. Although the fate of Craig’s Bond is a hero, it is the first time in the 59-year movie history of the role.

Ending, partly because of this he Hope his time goes as a role.After the premiere in Berlin casino, He talked to the producer Broccoli about his future in the series. When he learned that there were four movies in his contract, he knew he wanted to go out. “I’m going,” Oh, all right. Can I kill him in the last level? Craig recalled. “This was the only way I saw it myself to end it all, make it like my tenure, others can take over. ”

Fortunately, Broccoli accepted Craig’s proposal, even though Craig himself did not make this proposal again until this particular movie.For Wilson, he has been a producer of Bond films since 1972 Moon catcher, It makes sense for the character to go out in this way.In Bond novels Love from russia and You can only live twice, The creator Ian Fleming almost killed the spy, setting a precedent for this. For the movie, Wilson and the team realized that this would eventually come. “In the end, he said,” the odds will catch up with you. Bond has become so accustomed to being lucky that he survived by his teeth, so much so that everyone thinks it is “emotionally important” for the audience to realize that the character’s iconic luck can only go so far.

Bond’s death was decided when Fuyong was appointed as the director, but the method was entirely up to him. Fukunaga recalled how to perform multiple iterations, including Bond just being hit by an anonymous bullet. Thematically speaking, Fukunaga thinks it is appropriate, but both he and Craig know that this is a situation he cannot get rid of. The actor emphasizes that it “must have weight… if we are not so heavy, I think We will not do this. We will find another way to end it.”

No time to die It can now be rented or owned.

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