According to the creators of South Park, the future is Bitcoin

South Park is an animated TV series that often deals with hot topics in a comedy manner. It shows that Bitcoin will be used as a mainstream payment method in the near future.

In the “Post COVID” episode of the 24th season aired on Thursday, South Park portrayed one of the protagonists of the show, Stan Marsh, who used Bitcoin to pay for staying in a cheap motel (Bitcoin) About 40 years later, when the pandemic is jokingly about to end forever.fabricated Super 12 Motel -In the future where almost all brand names include “plus” and “maxx”-only “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies” are accepted. The show allows Marsh to pay using plastic cards with the BTC logo and QR codes.

“This is the future-we all think centralized banking is being manipulated, so we believe in the overnight Ponzi scheme,” the motel clerk said.

Many people in the crypto space know that South Park criticized the US government and banks for their response after the 2008 financial crisis, popular in the meme “aaaand…it disappeared”-referring to Marsh depositing it in the bank The bank immediately lost money. Other future predictions in the most recent episode include self-driving cars, holographic digital assistants, and stand-up comedy as their shadows in the “wake up” culture.

Although citing cryptocurrencies and blockchains in mainstream media is now commonplace, this is not always the case.The first TV series featuring BTC is Good wife In January 2012, but others continued to use emerging technologies and financial tools for comedy and drama.This year, the role played by James Spader blacklist Claiming to know the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Simpsons showed BTC price goes to infinity On the animated stock code feed.

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Bitcoin appeared in the popular animation series because the price of encrypted assets mostly remained below $60,000 for more than a week.According to the data from Cointelegraph Markets ProThe BTC price was US$59,237 at the time of launch, and has fallen by more than 14% since it hit a record high of US$69,000 on November 10.