According to reports, Golden Tree Asset Management is investing in Bitcoin

According to reports, GoldenTree, a New York-based asset management company, has added Bitcoin to its balance sheet, although the amount of the alleged investment remains unknown.

According to a report on Friday by the financial news media The Street, the company has approximately US$45 billion in assets under management. Buy Some bitcoins (Bitcoin), but it seems to avoid other cryptocurrency investments. The publication quoted two sources familiar with the matter as saying that the purchase of BTC was conducted after discussions among executives about hiring employees familiar with crypto investment.

The company’s executives, including founder Steven Tananbaum and partners Deeb Salem and Joseph Naggar Invest in a round of financing This month, Borderless Capital helped launch Algorand’s accelerator program. Borderless also participated in a round of financing Coinbase-backed digital asset securities company Securitization.

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Other asset management companies have also begun to delve into the field of cryptocurrency by directly investing or providing investment tools for Bitcoin and other tokens. last week, Shiling Asset Management Company submits the prospectus Joined BTC in its open-end mutual fund with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. On Wednesday, the reverse investment company Horizon Kinetics Investors are advised to seek exposure to crypto assets To protect yourself from the effects of currency devaluation.

Cointelegraph contacted GoldenTree, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.