According to reports, Apple told employees that they can discuss terms and compensation

Apple may be eager to minimize the future Complaints about working conditions. NBC News said get A newly released internal memo tells employees that they can discuss conditions and pay compensation outside the company. Employees should be free to talk about issues in the way they “feel most comfortable”, including with managers and personnel (human resources) teams.

We have asked if Apple can confirm the memo and comment on the version. The statement will strengthen the rights that private workers already have under the National Labor Relations Law, which allows workers to organize and discuss conditions and Apple’s own behavioral policies.

If the news is accurate, this could be a bittersweet moment for those criticizing Apple’s work culture. The memo supports their belief that the company unfairly restricted discussion of labor issues by closing investigations and Slack channels.Employees like Ashley Gojovic It also accused Apple of punishing employees, letting them take vacations and even firing them.

However, the statement was too late to prevent major losses. Apple now faces eight labor charges, accusing it of harassment and improper dismissal.The outspoken #AppleToo advocate Cher Scarlett (a settlement with Apple) just Left the company, and also. Although a memo like this might move more discussions forward, it cannot change the past.

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