“Abbott Elementary” will not be filming school shooting episodes.That’s why

Recently completed the first season of “Abbott Elementary” rave reviews, is a sitcom centered on Title IX Elementary School in Philadelphia. The show’s creator and star Quinta Brunson said she responded with a firm “no” to many calls for her to address the school shooting.
“How many people are asking for a show I write to have an episode in school. People are asking for more of the politicians they elect, but for ‘entertainment,'” Brunson Written on Wednesday on Twitter. “I can no longer ask ‘how are you guys’ because the answer is ‘no’.”

Brunson posted a screenshot of a direct message she received. The sender argues that such an episode would show government officials why certain gun laws should be passed.

But the show didn’t run for office, Brunson says.
“please use that energy to ask your elected official to get on Beto time and nothing less,” she said, referring to Beto O’Rourke, the former presidential candidate turned Texas Democratic gubernatorial nominee looking to unseat GOP Governor Greg Abbott. O’Rourke has been a vocal advocate for stronger gun control, face Abbott Discuss the matter at a news conference on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to sound mean, but I want people to understand the pitfalls of asking for something like this,” she continued. “We can’t. This country is rotting our brains. I feel bad about it.”

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old opened fire at Rob Elementary School in Uwald, Texas, killing 19 children and two adults.The incident was followed by a high-profile mass shooting Buffalo, NY and Californiaraised general grief and anger Continued inaction on gun violence.

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