Aayush Sharma accepted Tiger Shroff’s trainer’s transformation of Antim

Although many people are in awe of the incredible physical transformation Aayush Sharma has made for his upcoming movie Antim: The Final Truth, few people know that this actor has worked with Tiger Shroff’s coach in the same thing.

A source revealed, “When Aayush Sharma was offered this movie and he knew he needed to build a certain physique for it, he contacted his old friend Tiger for help. Tiger suggested to ask his coach Rajendra Dhole for help.​​​ For training, he used chalk to develop a detailed plan for his transformation. Through a strict diet and a strict exercise program, Aayush trained for several months, and now not only sees the results, but everyone is celebrating.”

Ayush Sharma

Rajendra Dhole, who trains Aayush Sharma, also shared his experience. He said: “The initial task was to achieve the physique required by his character. Aayush has always been a healthy person, but his body is very thin. We have to make him change. To be strong has toned muscles and ribbed abs, which requires very focused training. But this person’s commitment surprised me. Even the toughest training, he is always ready, and in the end he easily I have done everything and I am very proud of him.”Recently, the producer of “Antim: The Final Truth” released a BTS video tracking Aayush Sharma’s transition from LoveYatri to Antim. Received a enthusiastic response from the audience.

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