Aaron Rodgers arrives at Packers training camp after uncertain offseason

For Green Bay, now is a good day nearby, because Mr. Rogers came back.

After the offseason was full of uncertainty about Aaron Rogers’ near-term future with the Packers, the quarterback reported to training camp on Tuesday morning.

Rogers And Green Bay was at a crossroads for most of the offseason, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) Report On Monday, the two sides are close to reaching an agreement that will provide Rogers Several concessions.

These concessions include potential Rogers from his At the end of the upcoming season, 2023-the last year of Rogers’ current contract-will be cancelled. This may make it possible to trade after this season.

Rogers Arrived in Green Bay late Monday night, and he Arrived on Tuesday to participate in the coronavirus test and team meeting, avoiding possible fines for missing training camp.

The Packers started practicing on Wednesday, but Rogers ESPN may not necessarily be on the court Report, As he Wait for the details of the restructuring contract to be finalized.

Rogers Season coming to an end he Throw 48 touchdowns and 4,299 yards to get his In the process, he won the third MVP award.

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