A YouTuber built his own PS5 Slim that’s less than an inch thick

Sony usually releases an ultra-thin version of the PlayStation console a few years later, but that time hasn’t come yet. PS5 However.While we’re all waiting for a thinner PS5 to be more suitable for small spaces, a YouTuber named DIY Perks has built one for myself. He took apart a standard PlayStation 5 and replaced everything that needed to be replaced to get rid of the bulk of the console. He replaced components, including the console’s sizable casing, with similar parts and his own homemade creations to design a device that’s only 1.9cm thick.

Putting the current device’s power and cooling systems together with the console’s other components won’t result in a “slim” version of the PS5, though. So what Perks did was build its own water cooling system and put the power supply in a slender enclosure that could sit behind the TV unnoticed. While he did run into some issues that took time to work out, he ended up getting the console working.His cooling system is even more efficient than the standard PS5, based on the temperatures he was using while testing Horizon Forbidden West.

Unfortunately, Perks’ PS5 Slim is unique and not easy to replicate. If you need ideas or just want to be in awe, you can check out his process in the video below.

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