A woman uses RentAHitman.Com to try to kill her ex-husband

Very authentic RentAHitman.com website.

Very authentic RentAHitman.com website.
Screenshot: Jody Serrano/Gizmodo/RentAHitMan.com

Very real RentAHitman.com website Ask the visitor a simple question: “Is there a problem that needs to be solved?” Although most people will recognize the site as a joke, some people still take it seriously and submit a murder request. Wendy Wein, a 52-year-old woman from Michigan, is one of them.

Wein recently discovered that although RentAHitman.com may be a joke, using it to try to get others to kill your ex-husband is not and will bring real-world consequences. Earlier this month, she pleaded guilty to murder and computer crime. The maximum sentence for the former is life imprisonment, and the maximum sentence for the latter is 20 years.

According to her plea agreement, wine Will serve at least nine years in prison. According to Judge Daniel White of the 38th Circuit Court in Monroe County, Michigan, she will be sentenced in January. Monroe News.

At first, Wein’s story sounded like a comedy sketch you might see Saturday night liveHowever, when you realize that she actually wants to hurt someone, the laughter will be replaced by doubt, creepy and a little bit of fear.

She first filled out a “service request form”-it asked users to provide their own basic information, such as name, phone number and email, and information about the person they wanted to take away-On RentAHitman.com under a pseudonym in 2020. RentAHitman.com is A simple website with simple design. it Boasts of having 17,985 field operators in the United States to help customers (this is actually a reference to rough) Number of law enforcement entities In the country) and claimed that it complies with the “Killer Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964” (yes, that is fake).

RentAHitman.com also Include satisfied customers “recommendations” (obviously fake).If you scroll down enough, you can even Footer: “Due to contract restrictions, Rent-A-Hitman is no longer affiliated with Diners Club, Kanye West, Illuminati, Rudolph Giuliani, Alec Baldwin or Kyle Rittenhouse.”

Despite this, there are still some people who believe that RentAHitman.com is a legitimate website that provides real services.

“I don’t understand,” Bob Innes, owner of the joke site, told Washington post In a recent interview. “People are just stupid.”

In Wein’s case, she agreed to meet with a “field worker” on the site, She is actually an undercover detective, talking about the work she wants to do. Innes contacted the police and they determined that Wein posed a real threat to others.

According to reports postalAfter that, Wayne told the detective that her ex-husband was a pedophile, and described his situation in detail, providing his home address, working hours and time to return home. She went on to pay the detective a $200 murder “down payment” and agreed to give her husband $5,000 after he was taken care of. Shortly after the encounter, Wayne was arrested.

“She thought… Seek revenge to get rid of her ex-husband,” Innes said, according to Post, “And she never does homework.”

Innes did not intend to create a honeypot to capture those who wanted to hire others to commit murder. Initially, he founded RentAHitman.com in 2005 and founded a network security company with some friends. Penetration test And risk analysis courses, Rolling Stone Report last year.That never worked, And his efforts to sell domain names have never received any serious offers, so RentAHitman.com just stays online.

A few years later, Innes decided to check the site’s emails to clean it up to see if they were interested in buying the domain. Instead, he found about 300 emails from people seeking various services from all over the world, from using RentAHitman.com to extortion from others to asking how much he would charge for a strike in Austria.

When Innes received an email from a British woman living in Canada, he began to cooperate with law enforcement. The woman hoped that three of her family members would be killed because she claimed that they did not leave her any inheritance. The lady provided many details about the family members she wanted to kill, which shocked Innis.He confirmed all the information she provided, and then provided the information to the Canadian police, who discovered that the woman had a pending arrest warrant for serious charges and extradited her to the UK

Over the years, he has also received other serious demands that led to his arrest.A woman in Kansas wanted to kill those It is said to be belittling her In her town, and told him to use “guns, bombs or anything or any means to remove them.” Innes said the Kansas woman was convicted of murder and was given a three-year supervised probation.

Another case involved a 20-year-old man from Virginia who wanted to murder his ex-girlfriend, her mother and stepfather.He also asked Innis to kidnap her child and take the child with him For him, so he can start a family with another woman.Virginian Plead guilty He was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment for seeking murder, although he was sentenced to 10 years’ probation. According to Rolling Stone magazine, in general, at least a dozen people involved in using RentAHitman.com have been arrested.

Innes did not meet with his “potential customers” in person, nor did he agree on any fixed “fee” for website services. Instead, he passed on information that he considered disturbing to the police responsible for contacting individuals. More than 10 years after RentAHitman.com first helped the police catch criminals, it is still performing its duties. Although Innes has not kept the true nature of the website confidential, and has conducted various news interviews on it.

“This is a crazy world,” Innes told the Post. “The Internet is obviously a dangerous place. And this website is like a magnet, attracting low-hanging fruits that are trying to harm others.”

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