A new humanitarian crisis unfolds on the Polish-Belarusian border | Sputnik Gallery News

For several weeks, a large group of people, mainly from the Middle East, have been stranded At the border crossing between Belarus and Poland, they were trapped due to the confrontation between the two armies.

Most people are fleeing domestic conflicts or feelings of despair and intend to travel to Germany or other Western European countries.

West has defendant The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, lured refugees and migrants to the border and used them as pawns to destabilize the 27-nation European Union in retaliation for the sanctions against his dictatorship.

Belarus denied that it planned the crisis. Since the summer, refugees and immigrants have entered the country and then tried to cross the border into Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Humanitarian agencies say up to 13 people already dead At the border, as the cold winter approaches, many people suffer in the cold and humid forest, with little food and water.

Tuesday brought the first snowfall since the crisis broke out.

About 2,000 people currently live in a warehouse facility near the Polish border. Lukashenko said that a total of 7,000 refugees and immigrants remained in the country.

Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesperson for the Polish security service, estimates that about 10,000 immigrants Belarus now.

According to EU data, about 8,000 migrants entered 27 EU countries from Belarus this year-mainly through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, and border guards prevented tens of thousands of cross-border attempts.

The crisis broke out earlier this year when Alexander Lukashenko, the long-term president of Belarus, reacted violently to EU sanctions. The European Union has punished Minsk for forcibly diverting a passenger plane in May and subsequently arresting the dissident journalist Roman Protasevich on board.

A few months ago, the European Union and the United States punished the Lukashenko government for suppressing dissidents after the controversial election in August 2020, which gave the 67-year-old a sixth term in office and sparked large-scale anti-government protests.

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