9 TV broadcasts hijacked by Total Weirdos

Image of article titled 9 Times Pranksters, Vigilantes, and Weirdos Hijacked TV Broadcasts

photo: David Silverman (Getty Images)

This one is rather obscure – and has not been explained, at least publicly.About six minutes during the documentary Mayday: Head-on collision On Channel 7 in Australia, the audio was replaced by a grotesque loop from an unseen American, “Jesus Christ, save us, Lord. Fuck.” Footage of the incident was hard to find, but luckily there were people caught this strange event and Upload to YouTube then.

The unsatisfactory conclusion to this story is that the networks involved just brushed things off. “This is a technical glitch due to audio issues with the tape,” a spokesperson said. Tell A local media outlet after hundreds of concerned Australians called to ask what they had just watched. “The line is actually ‘Jesus Christ is one of the Navaris,’ and it’s from the documentary.” Hmm. Of course, guys.

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