9 inventors killed by their own inventions

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Franz Reichelt-also known as “flying tailor”-was born in Austria Tailor living in France in the early 1900sAnd was praised for creating a fully wearable parachute suit It doesn’t look like a parachute, but more like… well, a bed sheet supported by wires.I mean, just Look at this thing. It’s not a real device, it screams “sturdy”, but that didn’t stop Reichelt from testing it Jump off the Eiffel for the first timeEl Tower in early February of In 1912.

In fact, he was so confident in that jump that he actually said The local media came to film his invention in action. Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned: Reichelt fell from the tower, wore a suit, etc., crushed his skull, spine and some other major bones when he hit the ground, and died almost immediately.The whole incident was made into a movie, if you are not timid, you can witness the whole disaster with your own eyes here.

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