8 Ways to Fix Incoming Call Screen Not Showing on Android

Sometimes your phone’s screen won’t turn on when you receive an incoming call. The phone keeps ringing, but you can’t see who’s calling because the display doesn’t wake up. This is a very common problem on Android, in order to check who is calling, you have to open the Phone app. If this happens to you too, we are here to tell you some ways to fix incoming calls not showing on screen of your Android phone issue. continue reading!

Ways to Fix Incoming Calls Not Showing up on Android

In this article, we have shared eight ways to fix incoming calls not showing up on your Android phone. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

fix incoming call not showing on xiaomi

On Xiaomi smartphones, if you miss the call screen, then you can get back using these simple steps.

1. expand notification drawer on your Xiaomi phone.

2. scroll to find real caller notification If you have Truecaller installed.

Incoming calls are not displayed

3. or you can clear all notifications Show incoming call notifications.

4. Now, tap exist call notification Return to the call screen and answer the call.

fix incoming calls not showing on samsung

The dialer app for Samsung smartphones has an array of features, and it can get cumbersome at times. Here are a few ways you can try to check incoming call notifications on your Samsung phone again.

remove call background

If you’re using a call background on a Samsung phone, it can hinder your call screen functionality, as some users have reported. Here’s how to remove the call background to fix it.

1. Open mobile application Then tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner.

Incoming calls not showing up on Samsung

2. choose set up from the popup menu.

3. On the Settings menu, tap the call background options.

Incoming calls not showing up on Samsung

4. here, click background Then tap the three-dot menu again, select remove background.

5. here, select all Customize the background once and click delete button.

6. By default the calling backend will allocate itself.

change call appearance

By default, Samsung smartphones display incoming calls in a mini pop-up view when you’re using the phone. Follow the steps below to disable this feature to enable full screen caller ID when you receive a call.

1. Open phone application.

Incoming calls not showing up on Samsung

2. click Three dots menu icon Select from the upper right corner of the screen set up.

Incoming calls not showing up on Samsung

3. click Caller ID while using the app options.

4. choose here full screen option and close the phone application.

Reboot to fix incoming calls not showing up

As we’ve mentioned in most of our Android tips and tricks, sometimes simply restarting your device can do the trick. So, if you don’t see an incoming call on the screen, restart your phone and the problem might go away after that.

Check Do Not Disturb Mode to Fix Incoming Calls Not Showing Up

If restarting doesn’t fix the problem and you still don’t see incoming calls on the phone, DND mode may be causing the problem. DND mode blocks all notifications unless you allow certain apps to override it. Here’s how to check and disable it.

1. Open set up and select sound.

Incoming calls are not displayed

2. Now click “do not disturb“, if it’s open, click “to close itturn off now“.

3. However, if you want to turn on Do Not Disturb for some reason, click the “call” and Allow calls in Do Not Disturb mode.

Enable incoming call notifications

By default, notifications are enabled for all incoming calls on all smartphones, and usually no one changes this setting. However, sometimes updates may change it. To enable notifications again, follow these steps:

1. Open set up then go Apps and Notifications.

2. look here default phone appand then click it.

3. then click Notice have a look”show notification” toggle is on.

Incoming calls are not displayed

That’s all! You can also change the behavior of call notifications by tapping “Incoming call” and “Behavior” and changing it to “Make sound and pop up on screen.”

Grant special app access

We all know that any application needs permissions to function properly. If your display does not show incoming call notifications, there may be a problem with permissions access. Follow the steps below to check if your phone has special app access.

1. Open set up then go Apps and Notifications.

2. tap advanced at the bottom, then click Special Application Access.

3. Look for ‘display on top of other applications‘ and click it.

4. see here mobile application And allow “Show on top of other apps”.

Reset app preferences

When we reset application preferences, they may go to default settings and start working normally. This also includes apps that don’t display notifications on the screen. Here’s how you can reset app preferences on your phone.

1. Open set up then go Apps and Notifications.

2. go all applications Then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

3. From there click “Reset app preferencesit will display a popup. Tap reset application That’s it!

notes: Resetting app preferences will not delete any data from your apps.

Clear cache and data

Clearing the cache of any application can solve many problems. So, if your phone app isn’t showing incoming calls, you can try clearing its cache. Note that it does not delete your data. However, if that doesn’t help either, you can try clearing app data.

1. Open set up and open Apps and Notifications.

2. Look for phone application then click on it then click on storage and caching.

3. On the next page, click the clear cache button and restart the device.

4. If the problem persists, follow the same steps as above, this time clicking Clear Data.

However, you should note that clearing data will also delete your call history.

wrap up

So, these are some fixes for incoming calls not showing up on your phone’s screen. If you face any issues related to this, please ask us in the comments. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks like this!

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