8 Times Jacqueline Fernandez Made a Fashion Statement in Blingy Outfits

When it comes to fashion, Bollywood divas fits perfectly with what’s going on in the fashion world. Not only do they match up with all ongoing trends, but they often add some interesting twists that align with their own unique personalities, since fashion is a form of self-expression. One of the amazing divas from Tinsel Town who always impresses us with her eclectic wardrobe choices is the ever-gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez. Whether casual or glamorous, she always strikes a chord with youngsters when it comes to having fun and stealing the spotlight. What better way to look glam than in sparkly clothes?

Not only is she one of the most stylish stars and a major source of fashion inspiration for the millennial and Gen Z crowd, she continues to Inspiring everyone with her fitness recordAmong the many trends she’s showcased at several red carpet events and parties, a common styling feature is her love of bling.she achieved Various silhouettes with sparkling decorations Like sequins or shimmer. She loves a range of pop-up shades like bright pinks and metallic blues, as well as neutrals with gemstone bases. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning looks she’s served in this trend.

Skin Tone Sequin Dress

With such a killer physique, what is a bodycon number Jacqueline Fernandez It can be done with little effort. She opted for a sequined outfit with a skin tone underneath, a high-neck silhouette, and a one-shoulder, long-sleeve style. The outfit also features an asymmetrical shape that complements the correct cut and curves of the garment. She opted for clear plastic heels and minimal neutral makeup to keep her overall look classy and clean. Skin layered bases with silver sequin pieces have been a favorite of fashion lovers these days. They tend to fit perfectly into Jacqueline’s fitted frame and have become one of her best sequined looks ever.

Times Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Blue Sequin Suit

Blue Sequin Set

This time, Jacqueline choreographed a colorful look, opting for an open-back blue sequined top and matching it with a matching blue skirt. The fitted sequin top had ties at the shoulders, and the plunging square neckline was flattering on her slender frame. The top also features an asymmetric hem and ruffle detailing. The skirt has a body-hugging design with a high waist fit and a short length. She finished off her look with silver heels, looking like every bit of her heroine. She kept jewelry to a minimum, with statement rings and silver dangling earrings.

Times Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Black Sequin Pants

Black Sequin Trousers

Going for a color that will never let you down, Jacqueline opted for a black sequined trouser suit that showed her lady boss vibe.she wentVest blazer and matching parallel pants Below is the lace bra. A metallic silver chain necklace, diamond stud earrings and black heels rounded out her look. She let her hair loose in search of smoldering black smoky eyes and nude lips. At a recent event she attended, the shimmering fabric completely stood out and stole the show.

Times Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Bright Pink Sequin Jumpsuit

Bright Pink Sequin Jumpsuit

The glamour was at an all-time high when Jacqueline stepped out in a colorful jumpsuit. The shade of pink looks great on the studded bodysuit number, and the cherry on top is the matching hood she’s wearing, giving her whole getup a really funky vibe.She goes all out with her jewelry She took off the silver-encrusted handcuffs and drop earrings. There’s a playful vibe to her look when she opts for the same pop-pink shade and dark liner. It was a downright bling outfit, and Jacqueline pulled off the look effortlessly.

Times Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Fringe and Sequin Mixture

A mix of fringes and sequins

Jacqueline’s glamour score went up a notch when she opted for a one-shoulder dress, which featured gold sequins and silver fringe on the sides.The shoulder of the sleeve has silver everywhere Corset and structured shoulder pads. The gold sequin dress has a thigh-high slit on one side to complement the look and make it even more flattering. She paired her outfit with shiny gold heels.One neutral base makeup Loose tresses added the finishing touch to her look.

Times Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Sheer Sequin Saree

Sheer Sequin Saree

Taking the national route this time, Jacqueline Fernandez Lace and sequin numbers were chosen. Looking like an absolute white vision, the elegant white saree is loaded with sequins and beads. The stonework pattern can also be seen on the blouse, enhancing the ethereal appeal of her desi look. She let her elegant saree do all the talking as she opted for a low bun and neutral for a gorgeous look.it is indeed one of them best ethnic look what she wore recently.

Times Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Metallic Sequined Co-ords Ser

Metal Sequin Coordinate Set

Playing on her playful side, Jacqueline opted for orange metallic sequins to match the suit this time. It’s a mix of two trends that continue to be popular – sequins and metallics. The fabric comes in triple shades with pink, orange and cream sequins in an ombré collection with a ’90s vibe. The top features a silhouette with an open neckline, support at the back and a rounded triangular hem. Featuring a high waist with a flared hem, these pants definitely set the tone for a retro look. A classic gold hoop, statement ring, stylish gold bracelet and lace-up gold heels are the perfect complement to her ’90s diva headshot.

TIME Jacqueline Fernandez Makes a Fashion Statement - Sequin Back Power Dress

Black Sequin Power Dress

Jacqueline Fernandez pulled off her makeup with indomitable glamour, and the shimmering outfit looked as stunning as ever. She paired a black bra with an oversized sequined blazer with gold accents. The black sequined pants have similar gold accents on the fire graphic silhouette. The coolest factor in the whole look was her shoes, which she opted for with black leather boots and heels. The ultimate golden girl, she completes her look with golden jewelry consisting of bracelets, necklaces and drop earrings. As for the makeup, she opted for a bold red lip, elegant eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow. All in all, one of her best looks in a power outfit.

Jacqueline Fernandez has always been a fan favorite for sporting a relaxed style. She’s never been afraid to experiment, and she’s always in her league when it comes to rolling out an original wardrobe for herself depending on the occasion. Sequins have always been one of her regulars She enjoys this timeless fashion statement. Whether Western or ethnic, the bling element has always been one of the many elements that juxtaposed with countless other fashion trends on the runway. Some would say she’s equally gorgeous in both western and glam looks, and rightfully so. Hope she keeps running in the sparkly outfits as they always seem to compliment her personality.

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