8.2 Tsunami warning triggered by earthquake off the coast of Alaska

Picture of an article titled with a tsunami warning triggered by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake only 60 miles from the coast of Alaska

image: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

According to the U.S. Tsunami Warning System, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred off the coast of Alaska, about 60 miles southeast of the town of Chignik. In the early hours of Thursday morning, a tsunami warning was issued for most of Alaska.

Far away Hawaii and new Zealand The major earthquake occurred at 2:21 AM Eastern Time, and after a major earthquake occurred at 10:21 PM local time, they were also under tsunami warning. There is no immediate report on the damage caused by the earthquake.

According to data from the National Tsunami Warning Center of the National Weather Service in Palmer, Alaska, an 8.2-magnitude earthquake, originally reported as being 8.1-magnitude, occurred approximately 11 miles deep.

As Mike Baker’s New York Times Point out TwitterSince 1990, there have been only 17 earthquakes of magnitude 8.2 or higher. Simply put, this is a huge earthquake.

If the tsunami does reach distant lands, it will take a considerable amount of time, as pointed out by the New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency Twitter.

“We are assessing whether the M8.1 Alaska Peninsula earthquake poses any tsunami threat to New Zealand. If the tsunami has occurred, it is unlikely to reach New Zealand within at least 12 hours,” the agency wrote on Twitter earlier on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service in Anchorage, The state’s largest city is not threatened by a tsunami.

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