7 tips to keep your phone from overheating this summer

One problem that people often face when using their smartphones in the summer is heating. You just use the phone in the sun for a while and it gets hot and hard to hold in your hand. There have also been recent cell phone explosions, mostly due to heating. Today, I’m going to tell you some tips to keep your phone from overheating this hot summer.

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Tips to prevent your phone from overheating

Adjust some settings on your phone

First, you should adjust some settings on your phone to stop it from heating up. Your phone’s display puts a lot of stress on the battery and makes it hot. So to avoid overheating, set the brightness to the lowest possible level.

You can also turn off mobile data when you’re not using your phone. If possible, put your phone in airplane mode if you don’t need to take calls. You can also turn off other connectivity features like Bluetooth and WiFi if you don’t use them.In addition to this, you can also Enable adaptive charging from settings. Turning these features off or on not only saves battery, but also lowers your phone’s temperature.

Overheat warning with third-party apps

For Android users, there are some third-party apps in the Play Store that will warn you when your phone is overheating. You can keep your phone safe and extend its battery life by simply downloading any of these apps.

One such app on the Play Store is Cooling Master, which can alert you when your phone’s temperature is too high or even too low. The app is customizable and you can set the alarm temperature with sound and animation to make it both visible and audible. The app also scans your apps and closes those that are power-hungry.

On iPhone, you’ll get a warning if your device exceeds a certain temperature threshold. Apple has this feature built in, and if your iPhone is hot, you’ll see a temperature warning screen similar to the screenshot below.

To use your iPhone after this warning, simply turn off the phone and move to a cool environment, especially out of direct sunlight. Then let it cool before turning it on again.

Use a phone cooler

If you’re a heavy gamer, there’s a more efficient way to cool down your phone, and you don’t even have to give up gaming. Yes, this is correct! You can get a dedicated phone cooling fan and attach it to your device. They keep your phone from getting hot when playing graphics-intensive games. Also, you can use them in hot weather.

Companies like Realme also make phone coolers for gamers.You can buy Realme phone coolers at FlipkartIn addition to that, there are several other affordable phone fans on Amazon.You can check out some of these products here.

Place on a flat surface while charging

iPhone 13 charging

You should follow another such tip when charging your phone. Always place your phone on a flat surface with it facing the screen flat. This allows for better heat dissipation and the phone doesn’t get hot while charging.

Other useful tips

Do not use your phone while charging

Sometimes you need to do something like play an intense game, edit a video, or stream some content while plugging in to charge because your battery is dead and you can’t leave what you’re doing. Just don’t do that. First, let it charge to a sufficient level, then start using it.

Don’t put your phone in the refrigerator

Some people also keep their hot phones in the refrigerator. While this treatment may lower your phone’s temperature for a while, there is a risk that your phone’s hardware will vibrate due to sudden changes in moisture or temperature in the refrigerator.

Avoid prolonged use in the sun

Just like on a hot day where you don’t want to go out or spend long hours in the sun, so does your phone. So try to avoid using it for extended periods of time in direct sunlight as the sun will warm it up faster. Also, if you’re at home, don’t put it next to a sunlit window, just hide it under your clothes when you go out.

These are some tips to keep your phone from overheating on a hot summer day. For more smartphone tips and tricks, follow us on social media!

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