7 Incredible Ways AT&T’s ‘You Will’ Ad Predicted the Future

Titled 6 Ways the 1993 AT&T Ad Predicted the Future

screenshot: Lucas Lopek/YouTube

In 1993, telecom giant AT&T launched an ad campaign that somehow predicted many aspects of how we work and live today. The “You Will” campaign, directed by now-famous thriller David Fincher, offers an incredibly accurate look at life in the mid-to-late 2000s.Advertisement, narrated by an ex Universal PI Star and professional bearded man Tom Selleck imagined a series of scenarios involving gadgets and technology that didn’t exist at the time.

“Have you ever done *insert what we all do now*? Well, you will!” Selleck would say at the beginning of every ad. “What’s going to bring it to your company? AT&T,” he added at the end of each ad.campaign preview Some technological advances will define Decades like a tablet, Smart TV, telecommuting, smart watch, and Smart Home Devices.

However, the center prediction of the ad was wrong. as Vox famous A few years ago, while these ads “predicted the coming cutting-edge technology very accurately,” they ended up ignoring the fact that the company “bringing it to you” wasn’t AT&T. In its place, the publication noted, was a slew of startups that didn’t exist at the time.

That said, it’s incredible to write everything “you’ll” get correct About the future.

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