5 Ways to View Locked Facebook Profile Photos, Posts, and Other Updates

Is it annoying not to see someone’s avatar? Lock Facebook Profile? Well, not anymore. After hours of in-depth research and testing, we’ve selected five working tips for easily viewing locked Facebook profile photos, posts, and other relevant updates. let’s start.

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Ways to View Locked Facebook Profile Photos, Posts

View locked Facebook profiles with online tools

While there are many online sites claiming to display profile pictures of locked Facebook profiles, we came across one in particular online tools This is what it says. With this tool, you can quickly paste a Facebook profile link into its search bar to see the full profile picture of a locked account. Here’s how to do it.

1. Copy profile link A target of targeting a Facebook account to view their profile picture.

2. Next, visit Profile Viewer Online Tool and paste the copied profile link into the search bar.

3. Additionally, select any method from the list of methods provided and complete the captcha verification.After the robot is verified successfully, click Get profile picture button View the profile picture of a locked Facebook account.

4. If method A has an error in displaying the avatar, you can switch to another method and repeat the above steps to view the locked avatar.

View Locked Facebook Profiles Using Your Phone’s Browser

Another effective trick for viewing the profile picture of a locked Facebook account is to use Basic Facebook Mobile browsing. Follow the steps below to view the same using this method.

1. Open browser App on your smartphone and log in with your Facebook account.

2. Next, in search bar whose profile picture you want to see.

3. Now, tap the address bar at the top, then Additional “Basic” before the “Facebook” keyword and search for it.this will be in Basic viewing mode on your device.

4. Press Now on your profile picture and click Download image option Download the locked profile picture to your device.

That’s it. You can now view downloaded profile pictures of locked Facebook accounts in your smartphone’s Gallery app.

Search related content using the Photos method

In addition to viewing the profile picture of a locked Facebook account, you can also use photographic method. While this trick is not guaranteed to provide accurate results, you can use it to browse all search results to find locked profile details (such as photos, posts, etc.).

1. Open Facebook in your web browser and log in with your account.

2. Next, click search bar and search using the following keywords.


make sure to Replace with the name of the targeted Facebook account whose details you want to know more about. For example, “Photos of Paras Rastogi”.

3. You can browse the various categories in the taxonomy left sidebar Gather detailed information from search results, such as posts, people, photos, and more.

This method is like a strike and trial Tips for gathering details on your locked Facebook profile.

Get in touch with friends who have locked accounts

Another working way to see photos or other updates of a locked Facebook profile is to contact a friend of the target account and add them as friends. Once accepted, you can view photos of the target Facebook user, where his friends may have tagged him.

In other words, you will be able to view photos shared with each other Between a locked profile account and a friend you just added to your Facebook account.

Create and use different Facebook accounts

Let’s say you don’t want to deal with the hassle of using online tools and tricks to check your locked Facebook account’s profile picture and other updates.In this case you can Create different Facebook profiles And add them as friends to keep seeing their updates and posted photos​​.

Take extra care to hide your original details when creating a new Facebook account, as you don’t want the target Facebook user to know your presence on his timeline.

Bonus Tip: Download Private Videos from Facebook Profiles

Now that you’ve learned to view your locked Facebook account’s profile picture and other updates, you must learn to view and download videos posted from private/locked accounts.Follow this quick read to learn how Download any private video from Facebook profile.

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Summary: View Hidden Facebook Profile Information

Those are the top 5 ways to view locked Facebook profile photos, posts, and other updates. If this quick read helped you see the desired locked Facebook profile, hit the “Like” button and share this guide among your friends to let them know these working tips. Subscribe to GadgetsToUse for a better how-to.

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