5 Part-Range Exercises for Greater Strength

As early as the 1800s, strongmen used partial range of motion (ROM) exercises to Impress the crowd with their power. Those ones Old school, strongman showing off Knowing that they can lift more weights, but the enthusiastic crowd doesn’t. Then in the 70s, when power racks became commonplace in the gym, partial range of motion exercises became all the rage, as the racks allowed lifters to activate the bar at different heights.Weightlifters have been using partial ROM exercises as a method since the disco decade Break through the plateau and increase strength within a specific range of motion.

Research has shown that training key points on the concentric portion of the bench press may result in a larger increase in one-rep strength.

What is partial range of motion?

These are exercises with limited range of motion (ROM), which allow you to train specific ROMs to help break through sticky points/weak points and improve strength at the lifter’s weakest point. Once you’re back on the full ROM lift, hopefully you’ll be able to lift more weight with better form. Some common examples of partial ROM lifts are rack pulls, box squats, and block presses.

5 personal trainers share some of their favorite ROM exercises

These experts share some of their favorite ROM exercises so you can get stronger and break your current plateau while staying injury-free for longer.

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