5 best multifunctional cookbooks: Urvashi Pitre, Madhur Jaffrey, American Test Kitchen

Multi-function cookers, especially those made of Instant Pot, Has become the main fixture in our kitchen in the past few years. Also known as electric pressure cookers, they moved them from the stove to the countertop as an excuse for image transformation.

No longer considered the rattling explosion hazard that our grandmother put on the gas burner, the new version is quiet and easy to use, and can shorten the start-to-end time enough to make complex weekend-style meals possible. A school night . They make comfort foods — stews, peppers, macaroni and cheese, beans, risotto — and turn hard pieces of meat into a miracle of rich flavor and smooth texture.

However, it is important to note that the multifunction cooker and slow cooker are kissing cousins, doing the same work on different schedules. For some people, it may be easier to prepare a meal in a slow cooker in the morning before going to work and return to the lovely aroma at the end of the day. Others can turn on the pressure and finish an Instant Pot dinner in one go shortly after walking in the door.

The enduring popularity of Multicookers has led to the emergence of a large number of books to help home cooks make the most of their equipment. These are my favorites, thanks to their well-tested recipes, the flavor is strong.

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