4 Ways to Hide WhatsApp Online Status from Specific Contacts

Whether it’s your work colleagues or the people you’re trying to escape, hide your online WhatsApp status certainly helps to prove your argument about “digital absence” later. If you’ve been looking for ways to achieve the same goals, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss how to hide your WhatsApp online status from specific contacts.Also, you can learn hide the last seen For some WhatsApp contacts.

How to hide WhatsApp online status of specific contacts?

We’ll look at four ways to help you hide your WhatsApp online status from specific contacts on your phone. Let’s dive into each of them.

Block contacts to hide your WhatsApp online status

The easiest way to temporarily hide your WhatsApp online status from your contacts is to block them. This will hide all your online WhatsApp activity from blocked profiles. Here’s how to block a contact on WhatsApp:

1. Open WhatsApp Find chats on your device with people whose online status you wish to hide.

Hide WhatsApp online status

2. Next, click three dots icon in the upper right corner, then press more See all available options.

3. click Block button Block contacts on your WhatsApp account. Blocked contacts will no longer be able to see your WhatsApp online status below your profile whenever you go online.

Hide WhatsApp online status

Delete contacts and change privacy settings to hide WhatsApp online status

In addition to blocking, you can also delete the target contact from your saved WhatsApp contacts list and change your privacy settings to hide your WhatsApp online status. Follow these simple steps to fix easily.

1. Open the Contacts app on your smartphone, then delete contact People from whom you wish to hide your WhatsApp online status.

2. Next, open WhatsApp and tap three dots icon Access application settings in the upper right corner.

3. Also, click account then go privacy.

4. Set last seen, profile photo, about and status options to my contact information.

That’s it! The contact you deleted will no longer be able to view your online WhatsApp activity because you have removed him/her from your contact list.

Use Airplane Mode to Hide WhatsApp Online Status

Another way to hide your online status from any contacts is to use airplane mode. This may not be the ideal approach, but it works. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Once you get a message on WhatsApp, don’t open it right away.

2. Turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode from Quick Settings or Control Center.

3. Open WhatsApp and reply to the message, then press Send.

4. Exit WhatsApp and disable airplane mode; your message will be sent immediately.

Hide online status by changing last viewed and online settings

Starting this month, WhatsApp has announced a new ‘last seen and online‘ Privacy settings that allow users to control their online presence in Contacts. You can conveniently hide your online status by adjusting the privacy toggle from the app settings with this newly updated setting. Here’s how to achieve the same:

1. Open WhatsApp on your device and tap three dots icon Access application settings.

2. Next, tap account then go privacy.

3. With the new update, you can now see the updated ‘Last Seen and Online Privacy ‘ surroundings.

4. Now, to hide your activity status from specific contacts, click “my contacts except‘ option and select the desired WhatsApp profile from your account.

Hide WhatsApp online status

Image source: WABetaInfo

If you can’t find the new “Last Seen and Online” privacy setting on your smartphone, you’ll need to wait until the update arrives on your device via the update.

Bonus tip: See if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

If you’ve been worried about someone blocking you on WhatsApp, we can help you confirm your suspicions.Check out our guide on how to check if Someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

wrap up

That’s it for the top four ways to hide WhatsApp Online status from specific contacts. If you learned something new with this explainer, hit the “Like” button and share it with your friends to let them know about these nifty tricks. Stay tuned and subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more high-quality reading and guides.

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